Saturday, August 25, 2018

Free Stuff From Target!

So remember that $10 off when you spend $50 Target Q I had mailed to me?

A couple of weeks ago I sent for and received a $50 Target gift card using credit card points too.......

I decided that this was the week to go use that Q and gift card so Hubs and I made a trip up to Target on Wednesday and I bought all this............

First I did the paper products deal(Buy 2 select items, Get a $5 Target Gift Card).
Cottonelle TP   $9.89 and I used a $1/1 ManuQ
Viva paper towels  $9.79 and I used a $1/1 ManuQ

The rest of what I bought was all food--

4 x Target brand Butter $1.99 w/5% Cartwheel off $1.89 each
9 x Chobani flip yogurts Buy 8/Get 1 Free Deal $1.00 each and I used a $1/3 ManuQ
2 x Planters Crunchers Nuts $6 and I used a $2/2 ManuQ
1 x Target brand sour cream  .99¢
1 x Milk  $3.55 reg. price(We needed it.)
1 x Cucumber  .69¢
1 x Lettuce  $1.29
2 x Tortilla chips on sale 2/$5 and 5% off Cartwheel made them $2.37 each
2 x Tic-Tac mints 40% off Cartwheel made them .70¢ each and I used 2 x .50¢/1 IPQ

Total after Cartwheel % off.......$54.08
Coupons Used.........$16.00($10, $2, 3 x $1, 2 x .50¢)=$38.08 +.27¢ tax=$38.35 Total.

I used a $5 Target gift certificate first, that I earned last Christmas on a Coke Reward Offer so now the total was $33.35.
Then I used the free Target gift card for the balance of $33.35.
Zero OOP.

I earned a $5 Target gift card for buying the paper products.
I earned $2.50 back in Ibotta cash rebates($2 Planters, .50¢ Cottonelle)as well.

I spent $38.35 in free gift cards and earned another $5 gift card and $2.50 in cash.
This is my kind of shopping trip! 8-)))

And I've found the best place to get the lowest priced butter around here(everyday price)is either Target or Walmart--both sell it for $1.99 a pound(though at Walmart you have to buy it in 2 pound packages).



  1. Amazing. You should teach classes on how to shop. Lots of people could learn from you.

  2. That is a great price for butter we never have it that cheap except at Holidays.


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