Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Grocery Shopping This Week

I've only made one trip to Weis so far this week.
Here are the best deals I got.......

5 x Tetley tea boxes on sale $1.99=$9.95
I used 5 x $1/1 Tetley IPQs so $5.00 off=$4.95 for all 5 boxes.

3 x Oikos Greek yogurt=$3.00  They were on sale .83¢ wyb12 but I only had 3 x .50¢ Qs so I only got 3 cups.  The Qs each doubled to $1 so all 3 yogurts were free.  I like free..... ;-)

The lobster cakes(like a crab cake)were an impulse buy.  These are usually $6.99 a package.  These two had $3 off Instant stickers on them so $3.99 a package or $1 per cake.  I can splurge at that price.

These items were all part of the .88¢ sale(buy in groups of 8 and pay .88¢ per item).  The green beans are usually $1.50 per bag and everything else is usually $1 or so per item.  I needed these types of pasta and the green beans so overall it was worth picking these up.

I also bought these.....

They were B2G1Free and regularly $1 at Weis so $4 for all 6.
I had a B1G1Free Musketeers Q and a .50¢/2 Snickers Q which doubled to $1 so $2.00 off making it $2 for all 6 bars.  I love a frozen 3 Musketeers bar when it's hot out so those went right into the freezer(hidden behind stuff so the kids don't steal them).
And yes, I can be a Saucy Savage Princess.....what of it?  lolz

I was also out hitting Rite-Aid today but I'm too tired to write that up just now.  Maybe tomorrow.



  1. Since I have never frozen a candy bar, I need to do that. Hide them so the little Savages don't eat them. Don't they read this blog?

  2. great price on the tea, I use that brand but the "Bold" flavour, haven't seen the British Blend style before. We're heading to the UK for a vacation this year instead of the States, as I would have looked for it.

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who hides chocolate in the freezer behind stuff! Lol

  4. I hide chocolate and when the kids were little I would lock myself in the bathroom with the water running so they could not hear the wrapper.


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