Saturday, August 25, 2018

Lots of Food Shopping This Week!

I ended up doing quite a bit of grocery shopping this week besides that Target trip.
There were loss leaders and deals I could use so I took the opportunity to stock up on certain items we use a lot of.

First at Weis.....

This trip didn't go as planned(in a bad way).  Certain Yoplait brand yogurts were .88¢ wyb 8 in a single transaction.  I had Qs for 2 of those types of Yobplait so I could use 4 of each Q-they were each for .40¢ off which would double to .80¢ off, making each yogurt .08¢.(Weis will double up to 4 of the same Q).
The store decided to thwart my efforts by dropping the "Fruitside" type of yogurt, so I could only use 4 Qs per 8 cups so 8 cups cost $3.84. bleh.  I should have just bought 4 cups, at reg. price of $1 per cup, used the Qs and paid .20¢ OOP for each cup.  But I didn't think this through well and bought 8 cups.(1 was eaten before the photo got taken.). I did also get .40¢ back on Savingstar for 1 yogurt so I feel a little better about this. ;-)
I bought Kozy Shack pudding on sale $2.50, used 2 x $1/1 Qs and paid $1.50 per container.
The taco shells(we were out)were $1.25 each and I got $1 back on Savingstar so $1.50 for both.

I went back to Weis later in the week to get some meat and use my last 3 Yogurt Qs.....

After Qs the yogurts cost .90¢ for all 3.
The breakfast sausage was on sale for $2.50 and had $1 instant discount stickers on them so $1.50 per package.
The package of thin sliced bottom round steak was $2.30 and had a $1 instant discount sticker on it so $1.30 for .66 lb. or $1.96 a lb.
The package of chuck tender steak was $6.59 and had a $3 instant discount sticker on it so $3.59 for 1.10 lb. or $3.26 a lb.
The best deal was a Buy1Get2Free deal on London Broil cuts.  3 hunks of meat, 4.66 lbs., at a cost of $2.19 per lb.

Then I hit the Shursave market for 3 different "Spend X/Buy X Items, Get $X Off your Order" Deals.....

Hormel had a "Buy 10 items/Get $5 Off" Deal.  We were down to one can of chili for Hubs/Ex-College Boy so I bought 10 cans at $17.90 and got $5 off so $1.29 a can.

There was a Kellogg's "Buy 5 items/Get $5 Off" Deal.  I bought 4 boxes of Raisin Bran and 1 Pop-Tarts, spending $12.  I used a $2/4 Kellogg's cereals ManuQ making it $8, then got $5 off so $3 OOP for those 5 items.

There was also a Quaker Oats "Spend $15/Get $4 Off" Deal.  I bought 2 boxes of Cap'n Crunch cereal, 2 boxes of instant oatmeal and a caninster of old fashioned oats, totaling $15.15.
I used a $1/2 Cap'n Crunch cereal ManuQ making it $14.15, then got $4 off so $10..15 OOP for all 6 items.

Then on Wednesday I hit another Shursave Market that had a certain brand of pasta and did the Kellogg's deal again...........

3 Raisin Brand/1 Mini-Wheats and 1 Pop-Tart came to $12 and I got $5 off so $7 OOP for all 5 items.
The DaVinci pastas were .88¢ per package and I had $1/2 ManuQs so $2.28 total or .38¢ each after sale/Q.

There were a few other things as well, a watermelon, a bag of frozen french fries, broccoli, a cuke, corn, a carton of OJ, half a lemon meringue pie 50% off, as well as some half price chicken breasts($2 off instant stickers at Shursave on the packages)and 1.86 lb. of boneless pork chops at Weis marked $6.28 off with sale and $1 instant discount stickers on the 2 packages.  I did not pay full price on any items this week except the milk(milk is highly regulated in PA and NEVER goes on sale).

I am off to peruse the coming week's ads and see if there are any "deals" I need.



  1. Do you do Kelloggs family rewards? I get gift cards from them because of the items I buy. I noticed you buy a bunch too. I also get free items sometimes from them.

  2. Wow, can't remember the last time I saw red meat under $3/lbs around here. Chicken is always cheap, but I need a second mortgage to buy a nice roast or some steaks😢

  3. El Paso taco shells were my first taste (in junior high school) of Mexican food.

  4. You did do a lot of grocery shopping this week and got some really great deals. I need to go to the store, but I'm going to try and wait it out. LOL

  5. I love to get good deals on cereal, because we use it all the time.


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