Friday, August 7, 2009

What to Buy this Week at Rite-Aid 8/9-8/15

This coming week(Aug. 9-15)is going to be a pretty barren week at Rite-Aid for getting things for FREE or making $$ on the deals.
There is only ONE Staight Up FREEBIE that week. But there are some ways to get things for really really cheap.

Here's a Scenario I have planned that is a teeny tiny Moneymaker for me after tax.

1 Scotch Tape Pop-Up Dispenser on sale for $2.49
3 Aero Orthotics Inserts on sale for $5.00 ea.=$15
3 Dawn Dishwashing Soap on sale for .99¢ ea.=$2.97
5 Snapple bottles on sale for .99¢ ea.=$4.95
SUBTOTAL $25.42+tax.

Using these coupons....
1 $5 off $25 purchase Rite-Aid=$5
3 $2/1 Aero Orthotics=$6(These were peelies from 2 months ago)
3 .20¢/1 Dawn from last sunday's P&G insert=$.60**If you get the P&G Right At Home home mailer, there are .50¢ Qs in those
5 .55¢/1 Snapple=$2.75 (These were hangtags from bottles I picked up awhile ago)


Submit for SINGLE CHECK REBATES....# Aero Orthotics($10) & Scotch Tape Pop-Up Dispenser($2.49)=$12.49

$11.07-$12.49=$1.42 MoneyMaker!
Well that depends on your state tax rate. Here in PA, the tax will eat up $1.23 on that Overage, so I get a .19¢ MoneyMaker.LOL
Not such a great moneymaker for me, but hey!....I got all that stuff for FREE at least, right? ;-)

If you have the Scotch Tape Q, your OOP will be lower. Unfortunately, I don't have that Q....

My scenario is strictly a YMMV as the Qs you have may be different. The Aeros are a $1MM in their own right if you have those $2 Peelies. I found some at KMart, so take a ride to visit Mr. BlueLight this weekend before you go to Rite-Aid if you need those Peelies.
There are quite a few items that are part of the .99¢ sale this coming week at Rite-Aid. Check if you can find some Qs in your stash for some of the things that are .99¢ and be sure to print out a $5/$25 Rite-Aid Q before you go.

If you can't find enough Qs to do a $25 order that's ok. You can still do the Scotch Tape as it's at the least a Total FREEBIE after SCRebate(and tax...blasted tax!lol). And if you have the P&G home Mailer Qs for $.50/1 Dawn, be sure and grab some .49¢ Dawn early in the week before it's all grabbed up.

I think I've blabbed about Rite-Aid enough over the last two days, huh?lol


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