Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Get All This for $1.92 + Tax! Plus FREEBIES at Rite-Aid until Saturday

How would you like to get....
2 Hellman's Mayo
2 Ragu Pasta Sauce
2 Skippy Peanut Butter
2 Lipton Tea Boxes
1 Venus Razor
1 Werther's Caramel Chocolates

And ONLY PAY $1.92 +tax?

Here's what you do....
Go Here and print out the Rite-Aid $5 off of a $25 Purchase Coupon.
Then get these Coupons in the coupon inserts from last Sunday's newspaper; Hellman's Mayo, Ragu, Lipton Tea, Skippy Peanut Butter, Venus Razor(the reg. single razor NOT the coupon for the disposable ones). If you also have a coupon stash, see if there is a Werther's chocolate coupon in there(this will make your cost even lower! if you find one).

Now get some money(about $16 should do it)and head to Rite-Aid.

Buy a Venus Razor(on sale this week for $7), a Werther's Chocolate bag(on sale this week for $2.99), 2 Hellman's Mayo(on sale this week for $1.99), 2 Ragu(ditto for $1.99), 2 Lipton tea boxes(ditto $1.99) & 2 Skippy Peanut Butters(ditto $1.99).
Your total will ring up $25.91= tax.
Hand over the Rite-Aid $5/$15 Coupon FIRST.
Then Hand over the other 5(6 if you have a Werther's Q too)Coupons.

After Coupons, your total will now be $14.91+tax(or less if you have the Werther's Q).
Pay and take your items and receipt.
Don't Lose that Receipt!!!

Log on to the Rite-Aid site and go to the Single Check Rebate page. If you have never done a Single Check Rebate before, register(it's free and easy to do).
Then Log in and enter the receipt info. onto the site from the receipt you just got from the cashier at Rite-Aid.

Just wait until the month is over and log back into the Rite-Aid Single Check Rebate page and request that your Rebate Check for August be sent to you.
Now just wait a few weeks for the mailman to bring you a check for $12.99.
That is how much the rebates are that you qualified for in your shopping trip.
$5 for buying the 8 Unilever food items.
$5 for the Venus Razor
$2.99 for the Werther's Chocolates

Those 10 items after your rebates come in cost you $1.92+tax.

Rite-Aid is giving A Metric TON of Rebates this week in their store that are FULL PRICE REBATES, so all those are FREEBIES! Besides this little Venus/Unilever/Werther's Scenario, go print another $5 off $25 Rite-Aid Coupon and buy $25 of FREEBIES after the Rebates items too!
I've already bought and applied for Rebates on $22.26 in FREEBIES this week(I also bought $3 in Sunday papers to get to $25). Using coupons and the Rite-Aid coupon I only paid OOP $15.58(plus I'll get a double dip by getting a Mail-In-Rebate from Zantac directly).

So what are you waiting for? Rite-Aid can't make it any easier to get stuff for free or for really cheap.....unless they drive to your house and back a U-Haul up to your door and unload it for you. ;-)


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  1. LOL! Well, THAT would be something! :) I'll be hitting up Rite Aid tomorrow to see if there's anything left. As usual, thanks for your inspiration! You asked earlier what kind of posts we like - this type of one is fantastic!!! And I also love reading about your run-ins with less-than-stellar stores (altho I know that means you've had more than your share of aggravation).


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