Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving On...or 1 Down, 2 to Go!

Well, it is done.

We have dropped off our eldest child at college.

There was a bit of unloading of the car and unpacking to do.

Then there was a bit of posing for the obligatory photos with mom and dad.

There was a whole page of activities and meetings and meals planned for the drop-off day for both parents and students.
We chose NOT to burden #1 son with our presence for the whole day.

Because #1 son couldn't WAIT for us to leave!

#1 son is not a typical 1st yr. college student from what I have heard.

He is not mourning leaving home and his hometown.

Matt unhappy? Naaaaah!lol
He was chomping at the bit to get out on his own!

Of course, it helped that for the past two summers he has spent across the state working at a summer camp away from his family.

No tears.
No regrets.
No looking back.

I was transported back to his first day of Nursery School 15 yrs. ago.....

No tears.
No regrets.
No looking back.

Just a big old grin and a big "Bye Mommy!" and off he went from my arms, joining in the fun with his new classmates.

Of course, we won't mention that a month later back 15 yrs. ago, he decided to run for the exit door when his Nursery School teacher rang the bell to come into the classroom, and I had to carry him back into class.

We won't mention that.

Ah, the sweet memories of when we were embarking out into that part of our life's journey-the college experience.

God speed Matt!

I'm sure I'll get a call once the money runs out....


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