Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Appliance Man Cometh....

Guess what is still lurking in my kitchen?

Yep!....the evil possessed Frigidaire Stove from hell!!
Like I recounted in a previous post, Hubby & I went out last Saturday and bought a new NON GLASSTOP Range. Oh, and it is NOT made by Frigidaire either.

Anyway, we pay and get the paperwork and arrange for a Thursday delivery. Thursday morning comes and the guys with the truck show up at the door with my new Range. The guy comes in and checks out the layout and to see the best way to wheel the thing into the house yadda yadda yadda, then he goes out to the truck to unload the Range.
I follow behind a few minutes later to go prop the screen door open so they can wheel the new machine in unimpeded.

I open the front door and see the nice shiny appliance, sitting on the road, shining in the sunlight.
The nice shiny WHITE appliance.
Ummm, I have a stainless and BLACK kitchen appliance scheme going on here.

Either the nimrod saleswoman in the store ordered the wrong color stove or the nimrod warehouse worker pulled the wrong color stove(IF it's the right model even)!

The delivery guy sees the look on my face and says, "Ya know, after I saw the appliances in your kitchen, I just KNEW this wasn't the right stove!"
Well, at least HE's got a few braincells left, huh?

So I told him, You got it, it's not right, load it back on the truck!

I swear EVERY time we have had to deal with HOME DESPOT, they screw it up.
There is a real nice rant about them over on my old blog HERE. Just scroll down to the May 31st entry to read it.

For THREE YEARS we have avoided that hell hole they call HOME DESPOT like the plaque!
I guess THREE YEARS was long enough to temporarily forget how bad they are.
Or was it that we didn't want to go back to Lowe's since the Evil Range came from there. Between those two big box stores, there isn't much here in the way of Appliance choices....ok, maybe 1 stove at Best Buy and a few at Sears. It's very difficult to find an old school Stove with burners and NOT that glass top.
We were reduced to buying from the Despot and crossed our fingers that THIS TIME would be different.


It turns out the nimord saleswoman was the offending party in this dance of fools.
The BLACK RANGE has been ordered and we are awaiting it's arrival.

In the meantime I've been learning how to cook things on a gas grill that you wouldn't normally think to cook on one.
Like Grilled Cheese using a baking sheet. The sandwiches came out nice and crispy but it didn't do much for the baking sheet. Singed on the bottom and warped....the sheet, not the sandwich.
The grilled onions cooked up nicely in the cast iron pan I put on the grill. I've got a enameled cast iron Rachel Ray Dutch Oven that might work well for some chili or stew on the long as I don't put the lid on the pot(the knob is plastic-it might melt) and close the cover on the grill. Is that a stupid idea or what?.....putting a plastic knob on a cast iron Dutch Oven pot lid! Yes, you can still put this pot into the oven but don't let the temperature get above 350 degrees or the knob on the lid might melt.
Just another stupid design flaw OR is it a way for a manufacturer to cut corners(instead of using cast iron like the rest of the pot/lid!)to save money!
But I digress.....

I was suppose to have pasta and meat sauce Friday evening. I made the pasta sauce but until I figure out a way to boil pasta on the grill, we'll have to wait for the Range to make it's appearance. It's a good thing I have a couple of frozen pizzas in the freezer, to tied us over until Saturday.

Saturday we shall see what the HOME DESPOT truck comes bearing.
Tidings of great kitchen-y joy, or more screw-ups & stress....

Stay tuned.
Same bat station, same bat channel.


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  1. Oh Sluggy, I feel your pain sister! There is nothing I despise and detest more than the HD store. It was the spring of 2005 when they pissed me off for the very last time. Why, oh why, don't they understand about not pissing off a premenopausal mother of teenagers?

    I pay for the online subscription of Consumer Reports and find their recommendations invaluable. You want me to look up the model of the bad evil range and see what info is out there on it?

    Oh, and this seems like the perfect time for you to break out your mad compacty skills and put together a low (or no) budget solar oven. You can cook damn near anything in one of those babies! If you don't have plans already, just google solar oven plans.

    Good Luck!


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