Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank Goodness this Week is Over!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where, when it was over, all you could do was say, "Thank the Lord the week is over and I survived!"?

That's how my week was.
Don't get me wrong, nothing bad happened this week, that's not why I am thankful that it's over.
It was!
And tiring.

It was one thing after another, ALL Week!

First the 2 oldest kids came home from their summer jobs and the youngest finished Band Camp, so all 3 were hanging around the house all week.
3 Teenagers with little to NO motivation to lift a finger around the house.
3 more mess makers but no mess cleaner-uppers.

And the older two were so kind to bring me back weeks upon weeks of dirty LAUNDRY.
A lot of it being WET Dirty Laundry!!
Smelly, Earthy, Dirty and Twigs and Blades of Grass and Leaves and Tree Bark in the bag with the wet clothing Laundry.

And Hubby had off all week from work. And working around his agenda for the week.
And 3 Dogs in the house because it was too hot for them to be outside for very long.

Everyone under foot!
So it was non-stop action and bedlam around here.

And I am still trying to organizing the stockpile out in the garage.

And the weather was kicked up a notch this week to H-O-T!
I don't tolerate or move very fast when it's Hot.....
So I could be found in the swimming pool out back a lot of the time this past week and nothing much got accomplished around here that involved physical labor.....except laundry.

And I wanted to have a date with hubby during the week.

And getting #1 son ready to go off to college this week.

And then, the heat kicked the Garden into Overdrive!
I have cooked yellow squash every which way known to man and am STILL DROWNING in a Sea of Yellow Produce!!
I swear when it's quiet at 2 am. I can hear the vegetables growing while I lay awake in bed trying to think of a new way to use squash and cukes.

And to top it all off, there were just so many good deals this past week!
I had Price Chopper OYNO Cats to use.
The Acme OYNO Cats to use.
There were expiring Register Rewards from WAGS.
Then the Extra Care Bucks from CVS.
Add to all this, another Round of Double Coupons at KMart= Loads of Free or very Inexpensive Things we need or can use or can donate!

Seriously, just too many to get to everything in time....especially since it was H-O-T and I couldn't move fast enough in the heat to cram it all into my schedule.

How much can one gal be expected to do in a mere this heat!?!?

And then there were blog posts to write. I just can't go neglecting my readers due to my hectic life, right? I'd get on the computer at night and couldn't do anything beyond reading mail and just surfing around.
To-Do Lists swirled around in my head and wouldn't let any original thoughts to blog about enter.

At some point this week, I actually looked at the interior of my car.
Here is what I saw.

That backseat.....
The Cargo net area between the front seats.....

A mound of coupons sitting on the passenger seat and school supplies starting to take over the floor in the front of the car.....

This is the car of someone who hasn't said no to a deal this week, even though she has no time or energy left.

This is when I realized I needed to give myself permission to NOT Get to some of the deals & chores. It hurt at first, like quickly ripping a band-aid off a cut, to let go of the idea that I had to do all the deals this week. But after awhile, I felt ok with it.

There will always be more Deals next week or next month.
Just like there will always be more laundry to do next week or next month.

Since I am so well stocked on most everything, I may take a grocery shopping Sabbatical in Sept.
No stocking up.
No matter how good the deal.

I am just so tired, like my beagle girl Cherry....

And I need the time this Sept. for my canning/freezing/preserving the garden/farm produce.
Harvest time is labor intensive and I can't be running around hounding for the grocery/HBA deals while the veggies are coming in.
Canning Season is here and it's time to shift the focus onto the local produce and preserving it for the coming year.

As so many Southern ladies before me have done, I may "take to my bed for a month" once Harvest Season is over. It may take me that long to recover from my exhaustion.

What's been happening in your little piece of the world lately?



  1. sluggy:

    glad you are getting into canning. Its about time. I've been going full tilt since late spring. ;) Its my zen..... or my version of couponing. I wrote an extensive post about my canning efforts over at my blog.

    now as to that backseat--you might check your local stores. Around here they take 5 cents off for each reusable bag you use. Might increase the savings percentage.


  2. Oh Joe!
    I feel so ashamed to have been caught using plastic bags!
    My reusables are STILL FULL of items I bought earlier in the week. I hadn't unpacked them yet to reuse again....and I STILL haven't unpacked them!lol
    **Sluggy hands her head in shame.....**

    Harvest time has been slow to arrive this year. We have a terrible case of Late Blight and have lost all the tomato plants. I didn't plant potato this year but those would be gone as well if I had. The weather here has been very soggy all summer and our Heat Wave ended on Sunday. Today is 68 here. Not very conducive to growing goodies....
    Double Ugh.
    About all I'll get preserved this year is some pickles, squash, winter squash(in the root cellar)from my garden. Then green beans & corn from the local farm and maybe some tomatoes if they didn't catch the blight.

  3. how well I know your pain! my garden this year has been utterly pathetic! ironically I have volunteer tomatoes and cucumbers coming out my ears. Unfortunately none of those tomatoes has ripened yet. Oy.

    I've still been a preserving fool though, spending about 50 bucks a week at the farmers market, not to mention gleaning, foraging, and wildcrafting. However this year it looks like I will be, gasp, buying canned tomatoes at the store. Time to dig out that oversized hat and sunglasses.


  4. Joe, If I see you at the store buying canned tomatoes, I won't tell....just don't tell them I was buying them
    I always need to supplement my canned maters with store bought or just straight-up buy spaghetti sauce.
    My italian hubby could eat pasta w/sauce 365 days a yr.

  5. now that's a man who knows how to eat!



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