Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday--Contemplate The Beauty Around You

Even though my garden has NOT been as successful this year producing edibles, the Morning Glories that I planted are rewarding me with lovely blooms.
Here are some photos from yesterday morning. This vine has overtaken the bird suet pole....

And more blooms along the deck railing.....

And now that your eyes have been soothed, here is something for your brain.
Go read THIS.



  1. Awww Sluggy, what pretty Morning Glories! 2 years ago I planted my morning glories intermixed with my loofahs and in the mornings it was the most beautiful sight to behold! All the purple mixed in with the bright yellow loofah blossoms. Plus I think the loofah vines and leaves shaded the morning glory and helped them.

    It sure looks green and lush up there in your back yard! I am extremely jealous!

  2. Those are beautiful!!!!! My gladiolas came up and were thriving (much to the hummingbirds' glee) until a couple big storms knocked them all over.


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