Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rite-Aid Scenario for Very Cheap Baby Care Products

Here is a great scenario for the Johnson's Baby Products on sale until Saturday at Rite-Aid.
There is a Buy $50/Get $25 Single Check Rebate for select Johnson & Johnson products, including Johnson Baby Products.

Sale Price is 2 for $7.
Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Powder 22 oz.
Oil 20 oz.Bath or Lotion 15 oz.
Foaming Wash 9 oz.
Lotion 8 oz.

Scenario #1
Buy 8 Johnson's Baby Care items
Use the $5 off $25 purchase coupon HERE.
And use 8 $1/1 Johnson's coupons from the Sunday inserts.(5/17)
Or use the printable coupons linked below.


Do this scenario twice.
Total OOP $30.
Submit for the Single Check Rebate #97.
Receive a $25 refund.
$5 for 16 bottles of Baby Wash/Lotion/Powder.

If you haven't bought the Werther's Chocolate OR the Duck Tape that are Freebies this week after rebate,do the above Scenario ONLY once and then do this one for a lower OOP....

Scenario #2
Buy 7 Johnson's Baby Care Items.
Then buy either the Werther's or Duck Tape($2.99 or $1.49)
Total either $27.49 or $25.99.
Use the $5 off $25 purchase coupon HERE.
And use 7 $1/1 Johnson's coupons from the Sunday inserts.(5/17)
Or use the printable coupons linked below.

$27.49-$12=$15.49OOP or $25.99-$12=$13.99OOP

Total OOP $30.49 or $28.99.
Submit for the Single Check Rebate #97($25) and either Rebate #146($2.99)or #69($1.49)
Receive either a $27.99 or $26.49 refund.
Either Rebate(chocolate or tape) used with the Johnson's Rebate you end up with $2.50OOP for 15 bottles of Baby Wash/Lotion/Powder & a bag of Chocolate or a roll of Duck Tape.

This is a fan-so-tastic price for all these Baby Products! Basically it's .17¢ each for the baby care stuff and free chocolate or tape.
And you don't need to have a baby to get this stuff.
Think charity donation.
Think gift baskets(going to a baby shower anytime soon?)
Think sell it at your Yard Sale.

I LOVE to use Baby Wash in place of soap! And who doesn't like a little baby powder in the sticky heat of the summer?

Thanks to Luv to Save for the 1st Scenario Idea & the printable coupon links!


  1. Nice!!! Seriously, how do these come to you? If it weren't for your blog and some others to basically take me by the hand and walk me through these scenarios, I'd miss most of these opportunities... :) One of the reasons I do mostly love the Internet!

  2. I read the Luv to Save blog(she's 'into' babies and such). She had the idea for the 16 Johnson's stuff for $5 scenario. I tried to figure a way to bring down that $5 and did, to $2.50. I enjoy playing with numbers and working out deals. I am no math geek...I almost failed math in school! I'm a right brained gal.
    But but a dollar sign in front of numbes and I am a genius!lolol
    I wander around blogs too and find stuff that way too. Of course often I find a deal after it's gone or after I've already used the Qs you would need to do it.
    I just started doing this in Feb. basically so once you get in a groove, it takes on a life of it's own.


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