Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cheap Cereal & Batteries until Saturday at Rite-Aid for VocalPoint Moms

If you have signed up to receive coupons & samples from VocalPoint, you may have gotten one of these mailers in the mail recently.

And when you open it up and hear that cute little Cereal Gnome Crackle, you'll find these.....

5 Coupons for $1 off a box of the new improved Rice Krispies AND a Coupon for a FREE BOX of RICE KRISPIES!

Among all the Grocery Stores having cereal sales this week, Rite-Aid has selected types of Kellogg's Cereals for $1.99 a box. A real decent price for cereal.
One of the select cereals on sale is.....what else?.....Rice Krispies.

Rite-Aid also is running a Single Check Rebate deal this month-buy $15 worth of select Kellogg's, Keebler, Sunshine, Austin, Famous Amos & Murray Sugar Free Products & you get a $5 coupon on your next of purchase of Kellogg's products.

Go up to Rite-Aid with your 6 Rice Krispies coupons, 5 Duracell battery coupons(from the Sunday paper) & print out the $5 off a $25 purchase HERE before you leave home.

Buy 6 boxes of $1.99 Rice Krispies for $11.94.

Then go find the DURACELL Batteries that are on sale for $3 a pack and buy 5 of them for $15.00.

Rite-Aid is also running an offer in the Single Check Rebate on Duracell-buy $15 worth of batteries and get a $5 rebate.

Your amount due at the register for 6 boxes of cereal and 5 packs of batteries will be $26.94.
Hand the cashier the $5 off Rite-Aid coupon first, then the manufacturers coupons.
$26.94-RA Q$5=$21.94.
$21.94-Cereal Qs$6.99=$14.95
$14.95-Duracell Qs$5.00=$9.95*(Your regions Duracell Qs may be less than $1/1 value)

Your total OOP will be $9.95+tax.

Take your receipt home and submit it for the Single Check Rebates for $5 on the $15 Duracell purchase.

After the rebate comes in your OOP drops to $4.95 for 20 batteries and 6 boxes of cereal.

If you buy 2 more boxes of cereal for $1.99 this week at Rite-Aid(and use a $1/2 Q from the Sunday paper)you'll spend another $2.98 & you can submit for the $5 OYNO Q on the cereal.
Do that and your totals will look like this....

Total OOP $7.93+tax(higher if your battery Qs are less than $1/1) AND a $5 Q for more cereal
Total items 20 batteries & 8 boxes of cereal + $5 worth of more cereal

So what do you do with 8 boxes of Rice Krispies?
It shouldn't be too hard to eat all that, especially when you can make MARSHMALLOW Treats out of some of it! It would be a very frugal dessert type treat.
Why pay $4 or so for 1 puny box of premade Rice Krispie Treats that are full of preservatives and chemicals? They aren't that hard to make, especially if you have a child assistant who enjoys getting messy!lol

And if you got the VocalPoint Rice Krispies mailer for goodness sakes, take the blasted coupons OUT OF THE HOLDER immediately! That way you don't have to keep opening it every time you want to use a coupon and have to listen that that voice chip thingy 5 billion times.
Do ya hear that VocalPoint??lol



  1. LOL! I haven't gotten this mailer (I might not be the right kind of "mom" for their mailing filter), but it sounds like fun!!! If I do get it, I'll remember the tip :)

  2. Pretty- Ya have to become a member with the company to get on their list to get this stuff. and click on become a member.
    I KNOW I am not the 'right kind of mom'


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