Monday, August 24, 2009

Meal Plan Monday.....August 24th Edition....Eating From the Freezer Week

Last Week's Menu Post Mortum......

The Tuesday's Chicken became Fish, then Thursday's Shrimp & Grits and Friday's Tacos didn't happen. Kids went off doing other things around dinnertime, so we polished off leftovers instead of fixing more food.
Shrimp & Grits and the Italian Chicken have been moved to this week's menu.
The Dinner out was moved to this week, since we had a Cook Out last Sunday. I had an additional item last week on my grocery list--hot dog rolls for the Cook Out--and I bought 4lbs. of cherries.

Here's what our family of 5 will be eating this Week...

MONDAY--Bacon wrapped Meatloaf using bacon, turkey & ground beef(freezer), Kraft Mac & Cheese(stockpile), Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower(freezer)
TUESDAY--Shrimp(freezer) & Grits(stockpile), Grilled Squash & Peppers(garden)
WEDNESDAY--Italian marinated Chicken(freezer), Macaroni Salad(leftover from Sunday), New Pickles(made from garden cukes)
THURSDAY--Bon Voyage Dinner out for #1 son
FRIDAY--Leftover Buffet
SATURDAY--Pizza(freezer), Salad(garden)
SUNDAY--Breakfast for Dinner(Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes, Sausage, Fresh Fruit)
Dessert--Cherry Pie(use up cherries), Cantaloupe(have), Brownies, Rice Krispy Treats(leftovers)

I love the Paula Deen Shrimp & Grits recipe HERE. It's a cheesy Shrimp & Grits from one of her Cookbooks. There are a lot of PD Shrimp & Grits recipes but this one is among the simplest and easiest.

My shopping list for this week's meals consists of....ricotta & fresh fruit. My regular grocery shopping last week was at Acme and Price Chopper(see previous posts for those 2 trips.) I might attempt a watermelon this week since all the kids are home and here to eat on it. Not much room for leftover melon in the
I already have the chicken and shrimp, bought for last week's meals and not used and there is pizza in the freezer.

Food Waste Report.....2 cups of rigatoni noodles that went bad in the fridge. Lots of veggie scraps into the compost pile. We've been doing fairly well with the food waste the last 2 months I think.

Check out Organizing Junkie's Website Here to see what other Home Cooks are serving this week!


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  1. This is really what I need to do. In spite of having a very full stockpiled freezer (regular above-fridge and a full freezer downstairs), I manage to spend money at the grocery store each week adding more to the freezer, because I apparently can't forgo some excellent deals (like using the $3 Mrs. Paul's coupon on a box of $3.89 fish sticks). If only we had a big family to eat all this stuff, but it's just DH and I, and we're not eating regular dinners during the week - LOL!


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