Monday, August 10, 2009

What are you waiting for? Join the Revolution!

It seems to be the "IN" thing, getting out and being out of debt.
With the path our national is currently on, getting debt free is the ONLY option that makes sense to live the best life you can.

My sign says....
" DEBT-FREE including the Mortgage, paying Cas$h for College x 3 kids & saving MORE for an Early Retirement!"

What are you waiting for?
Get with the IN Crowd.
Get Debt-free.
You'll like it here. ;-)



  1. I was there for a few months. Unfortunately the car quit, and i mean quit--they couldn't even salvage parts off hte sucker, how's that for getting all of your money's worth?????, before i had enough saved for a new one.

    Since debt is essentially slavery, and I love poetic imagery, I am planning on being back out of debt by Passover. And by out of debt, I mean with enough in the bank to make sure it doesn't happen again. my house will be paid for with cash.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Joe,
    I'm sorry your car bit the dust finally. I love that they couldn't even salvage parts from it!LOL We've got a '90 Toyota that will be the same story when it finally goes...

    I think the significance of your goal date will actually HELP you get there and on time.
    Gotta fake-out that Angel of Death, er...I mean Angel of DEBT! ;-))
    Get out of your canning kitchen and get your website updated buddy, so we can keep an eye on you.hehe

  4. ok ok already. Sure I'll starve this winter, but must get the blog updated. ;)

    got beet relish processing at the moment. but maybe tonight I can get updated.



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