Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a NOTE from Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger

I just wanted to tell ya'll that I have added to my right side bar layout. Besides keeping a running total on the $60K Saving$ Challenge I am doing this year, I have added another running total for what I have Spent and Saved in the Grocery Budget for 2009. I think visitors to the blog might have seen the Savings Challenge and thought it was me keeping track of my Savings on Food/HBA Shopping for the year.

So I added a keeping track of money saved/spent on Food/HBA for the year too, as a lot of frugal mom/couponing/financial accountability blogs I see have them.
Not that this is JUST a couponing/frugal blog but it's a facet of me and my blog so I'm trying on the appropriate bells & whistles.
And speaking of grocery savings for the year, I am FLOORED that by shopping sales & using coupons I've saved my family over SIXTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS so far this year!
Incredible too.... ;-)

And while I have your attention.....I DO have your attention, yes?!.....I'd love to hear some feedback or comments or suggestions or constructive criticism you might have about my blog. Keep in mind that I am NOT about the 'prettiness' thing here-no fancy designs or colors. Layout and readability is more what I am striving for here. Is is easy to read?

Do I go on too long and ramble too much....or do you like a personal rambling blog?

Are the financial type posts with all the numbers and figures too dry and drive you away or do you just skip over that so you don't fall asleep with your face on the keyboard?

Do you want to see something different? More photos? More cooking/recipes? More coupon stuff?

Or is there something I do here that drives you crazy that you want a lot less of?

Be frank but be kind and tell me!

Do you prefer one big Looooong post where I mash everything in together like the way it rattles around in my head or would you like to see more smaller entries....maybe even lots of entries a day if lots of stuff is going on?

Are there any regular features you'd like to see me host? Charity Challenges? Contests?

How about giveaways? This is an idea I've been toying with in my head lately. If I did those, what would you want to win?
I've got some dogs and kids I'd gladly donate to that cause.....**BEG**<-that's a Big Evil Grin

As always, thanks for the opportunity to share my day & life with ya'll. Now back to your regularly scheduled day....


1 comment:

  1. Sluggy,

    I'd like to see the return of the green and thrifty segment. I'd also like to see more mini challenges. After all, we must be the change we want to see in the world.

    Finally, I think the blog is simply fabulous as is. Its often the highlight of my day.

    jo from the compact


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