Monday, August 31, 2009

KMart Hi-Jinx....OR Oh, the Exciting Life I Lead!

I just had to mosey on down the mountain to KMart Sunday evening and see what I could pick up cheaply with my Doubled Coupons.
2 x Hershey's Chocolate Syrup on sale $2=$4.00
 1 x Hershey's $1/2 Coupon doubled  4-2=$2.00
3 x Bic Twin Select Razors @$3.49=$10.47
3 x Bic Razor $2/1 Coupon doubled/adjusted 10.47-10.47=$0.00
2 x Hartz Dog Biscuits on sale $3=$6.00
1 x Hartz $2/1 Coupon doubled/adjusted 3-3=$0.00
1 x Hartz $1/1 Coupon doubled 3-2=$1.00
1 x Secret Deodorant @$3.99=$3.99
1 x Secret Deodorant @$4.49=$4.49
2 x Secret Deo. $2/1 Coupon doubled/adjusted 8.48-7.99=$.49
4 x Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant @$3.99=$15.96
4 x Dove Deo. $2.1 Coupon doubled/adjusted 15.96-15.96=$0.00
1 x J&J Floss @$1.49=$1.49
1 x J&J Floss $1/1 Coupon doubled/adjusted 1.49-1.49=$0.00
1 x Palmolive Pure + Clear Dishwashing Liquid @$2.79=$2.79
1 x Palmolive $1/1 Coupon doubled 2.79-2=$.79
3 x VO5 Shampoo @$1.09=$3.27
1 x VO5 $1/3 Coupon doubled 3.27-2=$1.27
SubTotal  $52.45
Coupons Used  $46.91

Kmart $5/$50 Coupon
Tax  $1.32
TOTAL Out of Pocket.....$1.86
Savings of 96.50%
Plus, there is a TRY ME FREE Rebate for the Palmolive Pure + Clear Dishwashing Liquid, so I'll get either $.79(if they figure out I used a doubled coupon on it) or $2.79 back for that.
Potentially $.93 Overage after Rebate!


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