Monday, August 24, 2009

Grocery Store Run to PRICE CHOPPER to use Catalinas

I had $14 in Catalinas for Price Chopper from the Unilever Promo I did 2 Saturdays ago.
Since they were expiring this past Saturday, I headed out last week to PC to pick up some groceries I needed for my menu.

Chicken 3lb. package on special $2.99
Ground Beef 3lb. package $6.56
2 x 1lb. Butter on special $1ea. =$2.00
4.14lb. Cherries $2lb. on special=$8.28
Hot Dog Rolls on special =$2.00

Subtotal $21.83
Catalinas $14.00
TOTAL $7.83 Out of Pocket

Value of Items $27.28
Amount Saved $19.45
Savings of 71.30%

Ground Beef used on Sunday for burgers and tonight for Meatloaf, Chicken being used this week for dinner, Hot Dog Rolls used on Sunday, Cherries made into a pie this afternoon & the 2lbs. of butter in the freezer/stockpile for fall/winter baking.


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