Monday, August 24, 2009

The Week's Grocery Shopping Totals 8/16 to 8/22

I shopped at Price Chopper, Acme & Weis last week for my regular grocery shopping.

The Price Chopper total was $7.83.
The Acme total was $41.81.
The Weis total was $14.74.
The Farm Market total was $5.20.
Grand Total of $69.58.
After the Kraft/Acme Rebate($40) the Total Out of Pocket drops to $29.58.

Spending for the week's meals was $15.36.
Plus the Key Lime Pie I splurged on for $6.19.
The rest of the spending was for stockpile purchases.
And I received a $2.50 OYNO Cat from Weis for $ off a future purchase.

DrugStore(WAGS, Rite-Aid,CVS)as well as the KMART Double Coupons spending is not included in this Weekly wrap up.
This is just straight-up Grocery Store purchases for the week.

The Drugstore and KMart Totals to soon as I can unpack and find my receipts. What can I say, it was bedlam last week!lolol



  1. You are amazing! And i wish that I could save 82% like you did in July.

  2. Thanks for the comments all!
    You can save big on groceries SonyaAnn....there must be a way you can too. Does anyone near you offer couponing classes? Is there someone you know locally who could be your couponing buddy and you could help each other find and plan out the deals?


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