Monday, August 10, 2009

Real Cheap Johnson's Baby Products became FREE at Rite-Aid on Saturday

Remember my post on Saturday, located Here, where I talked about how to get Johnson's Baby Wash/Oil/Powder for REAL CHEAP?

Well I had an inspiration about 7 pm that evening, right before I was going to head up to Rite-Aid to finish off purchasing the second half of the products for my $25 level Rebate.

I had already bought these on Friday....
7 Johnson's Baby Products @ $3.50=24.50(just .50¢ short of the $5 level of SCR #97)
1 Ez Start Duck Tape @ $1.49(freebie after $1.49 SCR)
1 Tag Body Spray @$2.99(.99¢ after $2/1 Q)-this was for #2 son, I didn't have to buy it to get to $25 total so I could use the $5/$25 Rite-Aid Q

Total was $28.98
Used Coupons....
$5 Rite-Aid (on a $25 purchase)
7 $1/1 Johnson's
1 $2/1 Tag
Q Total=$14.00


So for SCR #97, I needed to purchase an additional $25.50($24.50 already spent on Johnson's) to get to $50 spent & qualify for the $25 Rebate check.
I WAS going to buy 8 more Johnson's Baby Products to get over $50, and be OOP $2.50+tax for all that Johnson's after the SCRebate came in.
But I thought of another way to get to $50 and have an OOP of ZERO after the Rebate.

Instead of the 8 Johnson's, I bought....
5 Johnson's @$3.50=$17.50
2 Benadryl Gel @$4.50=$9.00--the Benadryl/Cortaid Anti-Itch items were also on sale last week AND they also qualify for the SCR#97 AS WELL AS there own SCR #52($2 SCR on purchase of 2 items). I had $1/1 Qs for all the Johnson's and for the Benadryl too.
So after the Qs(14x$1 coupons+2x$5 Rite-Aid coupons=$24 off) & sale prices I am OOP $27 on $51 worth of items that qualify for SCR #97 & #52 and I'll get $27 back($25+$2) on these $51 worth of items in the SCR. Technically OOP Zero before sales tax.

Doing the Happy Dance.

Afterwards I also saw that SCR#52 could be done 3 times and you could have turned this into a small Moneymaker if you had bought in 2 transactions....
7 Johnson's @$3.50=$24.50
6 Cortaid or Benadryl=$27.00
SubTotal of $51.50
Used 13 $1/1 Qs & 2 Rite-Aid $5 off Qs=23.00
Submit for SCR#97($25), #52 x3($6)=$31 Rebate...$2.50Moneymaker!
The $2.50 could have covered your sales tax OOP and made this a true FREEBIE.

I'm sorry I didn't figure this way out sooner in the week so I could have alerted everyone.

Sluggy-the slow one


  1. Darn, darn, darn(jumping up and down). I don't have a Rite Aid!

  2. I'm sorry SonyaAnn.
    You could always move.....joking!lol


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