Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Shoptastic Sunday! Part One

I tell you dear readers, I am plum wore out! This past weekend was so full. Grab a chair and a cool drink because this is going to take a

Hubby took Friday off from work. Call it a mental health Hubby took #2 son on an amusement park outing so I had an entire day to myself!....well, if you don't count the 3 dogs I had to I stayed home and did some maintenance on the coupon binder, some playing on the computer and just plain enjoyed the Q-U-I-E-T!

Saturday we spent doing yard & garden work...not my idea of fun but it was long overdue.
And we awaited the arrival of the new Range, Take Two. They actually pulled the correct color/model at the Home Despot warehouse this time so I am again able to cook any recipe my heart desires. Rah!

Sunday......well, Sunday Hubby & I wanted to spend some time together without #2 glum son, so we jumped in the car and took off on a roadtrip down outside of Philly. My absolutely mostest favorite Chinese Restaurant is down there. They are the ONLY place left, that I know of, that makes my absolutely mostest favorite Soup. It's been almost a year since I had some & the weather was nice, so we went traveling down there to get some good eats.
Well, that's not the WHOLE truth. I did have an ulterior motive for going down toward Philly this weekend. I can sum it up in 4 little letters.....


Acme. Acme Grocery Store.
I heard tell of a really REALLY good Catalina Deal going on now at the SuperValu owned graoceries(you may know them as Albertson's or Shaw's in your region). We don't have one near Teeny Tiny Town but around Philly is lousy with Acmes, that regions brand name of SuperValu grocery stores.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning of Shoptastic Sunday.
I slept in. UGH. I had wanted to get an early start on Sunday but I needed the rest I guess.
While Hubby puttered around the house with stuff I jumped in the car and went up to Rite-Aid to do this week's FREE Deals.
Notice the shiny new Stove background behind the Rite-Aid

1 GE LightBulbs @ $2.00
1 Duck Tape @ $1.49
1 Garnier Shampoo @ $2.99
1 Crest Toothpaste @ $2.79
1 Natrol Priobiotic @ $8.99
1 Zantac 150 @ $4.99
2 Newspapers @ $1.50=$3.00 *Not pictured*
SubTotal $26.25
Tax $.33

Rite Aid $5/$25
Garnier $1/1
Crest $1/1
Zantac $1/1
Coupon Total $8.00


All except the Garnier are FULL PRICE REBATES(Garnier is $2 on $2.99). I'll be getting back $22.26 on the Single Check Rebate check.
AND after I submit for the Zantac MIR, that's another $5.00.
That makes a refund of $27.26 and I'm only out of pocket $18.58, making this an $8.68 Moneymaker!!

There is a $3 IP Coupon for the Natrol Probiotic also. If your Rite-Aid lets you use more than 1 IP Coupon(mine won't), you could use this coupon as well as the Rite-Aid $5/25 Coupon and make the deal an $11.68 Moneymaker!

On the way to Acme we passed a CVS. Naturally I had to run in there and do the Electrosal

CVS Store #1
4 Electrasol Dishwasher Tabs @ $4.50=$18
1 Blink Tears @ $7.99
1 Soft Soap Body Wash @ $4.99
1 Notebook @ $.99
1 Glue Sticks @ $.99
2 CVS Pencils @ $1.99 RAINCHECK=$3.98
2 Papermate Pens @ $.99 RAINCHECK=$1.98
2 Newspapers @ $1.75=$3.50
Subtotal $42.42

Coupons Used
4 Elecrasol $2.50/1=$10.00
1 Blink Tears $4.00(let me use even though expired Saturday)
2 Rainchecks for Pencils & Pens

ECBs Used

Subtotal $.42+$.02tax=$.44OOP

Received ECBs-$7.99(Blink),$4.00(Soft Soap),$4(Raincheck Pencils),$2(Raincheck Pens),$.99(Glue Sticks),$.99(Notebook)=$19.97
I didn't get the $10 for the Electrasol yet, since I need to buy 1 more box. This store only had 4 boxes left.
So I ran into the next CVS that we came to.....

CVS Store #2
1 Electrasol Box @ $4.50
2 Milkbone Treats @ $4.69=$9.38
2 Newspapers @ $1.75=$3.50
Subtotal $17.38

1 Electrasol $2.50/1=$2.50
1 BOGO Milkbones=$4.69
1 $2.50/2 Milkbones=$2.50
Coupon Total $9.69

ECBs Used
$5, $2=$7.00


Received ECBs-$10(Electrasol)

I used a total of $32 in ECBs & received $29.97, so I burned through a couple of ECBs buying 4 Newspapers & Milkbones. The Milkbones came out to $1.10 a box & the newspapers have all those coupons, so I'll recoup that and more eventually.

Oh, my August Freebie that printed on my receipt is for a free bottle of CVS Mouthwash.

Part two of Sunday's Shopping Escapade to follow later this evening.....


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