Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My KMart Fun during Double Coupons Week 8/16-8/22

I think I showed remarkable restraint this round at KMart during their Double Coupons Promotion that happened last week.

I only made 12 trips there. Ok, 12 transactions, not trips.
It was 7 Trips. 1 trip a day except for Tuesday and Friday.
No trips on Tuesday and 2 trips on Friday.
I have to go by there anyway, so why not stop when I have the time and do a little Free Shopping. ;-)

And because of the $3 off $20 and $5 off $25 coupons that the cash registers were spitting out, I didn't do $50+ on each transaction like I usually do. So in all, I bought a whole lot LESS than usual.
Here are the pictures of everything I bought.

First the food & drink......#2 son is ecstatic about the 5 Bazillion Amp energy drinks!lol

Here's a sneaky trick. See the bags of LifeSavers? Each one has a game piece and a $1 off Coupon inside the bag. Everytime KMart has Double Coupons I use 4 coupons from previous bags to buy 4 more bags....$1 coupon doubled=free bag of Lifesavers. I open the new bags and fish out the game piece/coupons and buy 4 more bags for free. Keep rolling those coupons each trip to KMart. As of now, I have about 50 bags of LifeSavers-not counting the ones we've eaten(that's $89.50 worth) and I'm only out $7.16 for the 1st 4 bags I bought back in April. Well, I got 1 bag with No Game Piece/Coupon this go round, so I am down to rolling 3 coupons per transaction.*sigh* lol

Then the Toiletries....I think #2 son absconded with a can of Tag because I know I had gotten 3.hmmmm....

Then the Cleaning, Laundry, Paper Products(yes, those are paper plates-eek!), Stationery Supplies, Batteries(for my camera and mouse)....

And a photo of assorted things I forgot to put in the other photos....ok, things in bags I found
Add to all that...
2 12-packs of soda
4 22lb. bags of dog food
1 loaf of bread
1 Microwave Hormel Meal thing
6 more bags of Lifesavers
1 Purse that was on clearance(yes, I succumbed to a cheap new purse)

Value of Items is $585.50.
Total spent $16.86 OOP.
Savings of 97%!
AND I got 2 FREE Movie Tickets for buying the Axe Products & I'll get a $5 Gift Card for buying the 4 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal.

Now, I don't buy ONLY items that are free or almost free during the KMart Double Coupons Event. I use free or cheap as a guideline but I'll spend a bit more to get something that is a good deal (but not free or under $1)that we need.
For example, Purina Dog Chow was on sale for $10.99 for a 22lb. bag this past week.
A good price.
I had $2 coupons that doubled, giving me $4 off per bag. If I bought the Dog Food along with other items that were free with coupons, I could then use the $3 or $5 off your order KMart coupon toward lowering the Dog Food even, the $10.99 dog food becomes $7.99 with coupon and then $4.99 OR $2.99 with the $ off your order coupon when you spend XX$. Paying $5 or $3 for a big bag of dog food is amazing good!

Even with doubled
Coupons, because of the sometimes ridiculously HIGH regular retail prices at KMart, I couldn't get a savings percentage this high(97%)....unless I pulled out my secret weapon when doing KMart Double Coupon shopping.

That secret weapon is.....Pharmacy Gift Cards!

When my KMart Double Coupon Week gets near, I go and transfer our prescriptions that need refilling to the KMart Pharmacy. KMart regularly puts out Reward Coupons that give you between a $10 & $25 Gift Card for each prescription you move to their Pharmacy.

With our Prescription Plan it really doesn't matter which Drug Store fills our meds....we get charged the same price. So having KMart fill them is the same as having Rite-Aid, Walmart, Target, etc. fill them. I am out the same amount no matter where, so I might as well get a perk(gift card)since I am going to have to spend the money anyway, right?

I was able to move 3 prescriptions for a total of $58.80 in Gift Cards.
$58.80 of free money to spend. Combine sales and doubled coupons with the Gift Cards and you can see how much you can get for ZERO out of your own pocket!

Next refill, I'll move them all back to where they were filled before or to a different Pharmacy if they lure me there with more Gift Cards.
2 months later, I can move them back to KMart for more Gift Cards to spend during a future Double Coupons Week.

So how did you do this past week? Did you score some amazing deals??
What's on your deal hunting agenda this week?



  1. I got some great deals at Kmart last week too - I got 8 free movie tickets all together. Should make some great, cheap date nights for Mike & I :)

    I didn't do nearly as well as you though! I'm so jealous that you have tons of pharmacies within stores (Kmart, Walmart, Target) - it's against the law for major retail stores to have pharmacies in their stores. CVS is the only exception and that's because they were grandfathered in :(

  2. Tanya,
    I saw your post about the movie tickets early in the week and you were my inspiration to buy Until they removed the offer about Tuesday...rats! So I only got 2 tickets.
    And that is too bad about the chains not being allowed to have pharmacies by you. Now I know why you do alot of CVS shopping. ;-)

  3. Just amazing, as always! I love reading these deal scenarios! We lost our Kmart a few years ago, and I never really missed it until I started reading about all these doubles deals. Back when we had Kmart, about the only reason I'd ever go was if Walmart, Sears, and everyone else I could think of didn't have something I thought we needed. But I wasn't couponing back then either... Ah, the dark ages.


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