Monday, August 10, 2009

Meal Plan Monday.....August 10th Edition Back in the Saddle, Sort of

Well last week I didn't have a Meal Plan. Since #2 son was at Band Camp from 9am to 8pm and ate all but breakfast away from home, I didn't even bother with writing down a weekly menu. I just shot from the hip! Just call me Ms. Spontaneity!lol

Each morning I'd open the pantry/freezer/fridge/garage storage doors and peer in and wait for the Inspiration to hit me.
And most mornings, it did and I pulled together something darn tasty and simple. Hubby loves leftovers so we used some of those up last week....which is always a GOOD thing!

Having produce in the garden ready to pick each morning was a great inspiration last week. Whatever was ripe it what we had, along with a protein/meat. We dined on Yellow Summer Squash(Battered & Fried), Swiss Chard(sauteed with bacon), Salad Greens(still harvesting those this late is crazy good!), Cucumbers(made into 'New Pickles'). I used up some meats from the freezer....ham slices, a London broil, kosher hot dogs, ground beef & turkey in meat pasta sauce, & a frozen pizza. I also dug some corn on the cob out of the freezer from last fall & served it. It tasted as good as it did last September!

Since #2 son will be away for meals this week as well, I'm going to stick to what I did last week, BUT I will write out a tentative Menu. The meals will be served but not necessarily in the order presented here. After regularly having a Meal Plan each week posted for many months now, I just felt weird NOT having one last week.

Here's what our family of 2(+ 1 more for the weekend) will be eating this week...

Monday-Hubby out of town, I'll eat whatever is leftover in the fridge
Tuesday-Veggie Burgers(in freezer),Summer Squash Casserole(from garden)
Wednesday-Grilled Chicken, Deviled Eggs(I have eggs to use up),Fried Zucchini(from garden)
Thursday-Ravioli in Meat Sauce(sauce is leftover), Salad Greens(from garden)
Friday-Band Picnic-will take a dish to share, not sure what yet
Saturday-either Chili or Beef Stroganoff(using leftover London broil)
Sunday-Chicken Parmesan(using chicken from freezer), Swiss Chard(from garden), garlic bread(using homemade loaf)

Desserts-French Apple Pie(using frozen apple pie mix I made last fall), Watermelon

My shopping list for this week's meals consists of....hamburger rolls, watermelon & ravioli. I am going to try to stay out of the grocery store this week besides these 3 items.....I really need to stay out for a bit after hitting Acme's Unilever Deal hard last week, as well as Price Chopper's Deal Saturday night. With those 2 Campaigns I got a TON of groceries/toiletries(over $1400 worth) but I've spent approx. $170OOP out of my Food Budget already for August.
I never did get to the farm for the bushel of green beans 2 weeks ago, so I'll try to get there this week. I might NOT get a bushel though as there isn't alot of real estate open in the freezer just yet.

Food Waste Report.....not much food was made the last 2 weeks(besides the metric TON of meat sauce!lol), so not much in the way of leftovers. Tonight I need to do a sweep in the fridge and see what got pushed to the very back on the shelves. Hopefully nothing is growing fuzz yet and there's something the dogs can eat back there. I have been faithfully using my compost bucket by the sink for anything that can be put on the pile out back.

Check out Organizing Junkie's Website Here to see what other Home Cooks are serving this week!


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