Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Acme Shopping This Week....Grand Total for all my Trips

You may remember that 2 weeks ago, Acme had a killer Catalina Promo Deal on Unilever & General Mills products. I posted about my trips during that deal Here.
$15 of my OYNO Catalinas hadn't printed(due to an item I bought not being correctly entered into the store's computer system) so I had contacted the marketing company about getting those missing Catalina coupons. I received the $15 in Cats on Monday in the mail. Thanks Catalina Marketing! ;-))

Add those $15 worth and I had $79 worth of Cat Coupons in hand. All those $ off OYNO Catalina Coupons needed to be used by Aug. 18th(except for the $15 that had just arrived), which was Tuesday!
Add in that SuperValu owned grocery stores(of which, Acme is one) are in the midst of another nice little Catalina Promo this week. When you buy $25 worth of certain Kraft products, you get a $5 OYNO Cat Coupon AND a Mail-In-Rebate form for $20 back prints out at the register as well. So spend $25, get $20 back via MIR and a $5 OYNO Coupon. So in essence, free food!

That was enough to get me up & off bright and early to my favorite Acme on Tuesday to use all those Cats and get some FREE Kraft items.
But it was going to hit 90 DEGREES here on Tuesday.
I don't.
But I pulled up the online weekly ad, pulled out the Coupons I needed from my binder & my Cat stash, pulled the cooler down from the shed shelf, put in the freezer ice packs and just went and "got 'er done"!
The heat index be danged.....

I made two trips through the register, then went down the road to WAGS, had lunch as well, then back to Acme for one more transaction before heading home.

No photos today. It was bad enough to get it all home(the frozen stuff into the freezer before the big thaw down)& unloaded into the garage stockpile before I collapsed into a sticky, sweaty, Wicked Witch of the West "I'm melting....meeeelting" puddle.
Just use your imaginations to picture the cheesy, soda, iced tea, EVOO & shrimpy

Transaction #1(The Kraft deal items are in green.)

4 x Easy Mac Cups on sale $1=$4.00
4 x Philly Cream Cheese on sale 3/$5.00=$6.67
1 x Ritz Crackers on sale $2.50
1 x Wheat Thins on sale $2.50
2 x Kraft Cheese Chunk on sale 3/$5=$3.34
5 x Kraft Shredded Cheese bags on sale 3/$5=$8.34
1 x Acme Applesauce $1.79
2 x Acme Roast Beef Hash @ $1.79=$3.58
2 x Fritos on sale @$1.69=$3.38
1 x Starbucks 4 pack on sale $5.00(this might have also been a participating Kraft deal item)
4 x Swiss Tea 1/2 gallon @3/$5=$6.67
3 x Celentano Ravioli on sale @$1.99=$5.97
1 x CPK Pizza for One on sale $2.50

Coupons Used
2 x Easy Mac Cups .55/2 doubled=$2.20
2 x Philly Cream Cheese $1/2=$2.00
1 x Buy Ritz/Get Wheat Thins free=$2.50
1 x Kraft Cheese Chunk $1/2=$1.00
5 x Kraft 2% Shredded Cheese $.50/1 doubled=$5.00
2 x Swiss Tea $.75/2 didn't double=$1.50


Acme $5 Cats Used
5 x $5=$25.00

Total Coupons....$39.20

Minus tax adjustment of $1.50=$15.54OOP
Received a MIR form for $20 rebate and $5 OYNO Catalina Coupon.

Went back in and bought some more Kraft....

Transaction #2

2 x Ritz Crackers on sale @$2.50=$5.00
2 x Wheat Thins on sale @$2.50=$5.00
2 x Easy Mac Cups on sale @$1.00=$2.00
4 x Kraft 2% Cheese Shreds on sale 3/$5=$6.67
2 x Kraft Cheese Chunks on sale 3/$5=$3.34
1 x Kraft Parmesan Cheese on sale $4.99
1 x Bush Baked Beans on sale $2.00
1 x Mushrooms on sale $1.69
1 x Snapple 12 pack on sale $4.99
1 x Swiss Tea Gallon $2.99

Coupons Used
2 x Buy Ritz Crackers/Get Wheat Thins FREE=$5.00
1 x Easy Mac Cups .55/2 doubled=$1.10
4 x Kraft Cheese .50/1 doubled=$4.00
1 x Kraft Cheese $1/2=$1.00
1 x Snapple $1.00
1 x Swiss Tea .75/1 this one doubled=$1.50

Acme Cats Used
4 x $5=$20

Total Coupons....$33.60

Minus $1.20 tax adjustment=3.87OOP
Received a MIR form for $20 rebate and $5 OYNO Catalina Coupon.

At this point, I had $34 in Cats left PLUS $10 MORE I just got from these 2 transactions, for a total of $44 Cats to use up.
After a walk around a nearby WAGS and a cheap lunch, I returned to Acme and spent those Cats on items that didn't generate Cats.

Transaction #3

2 x Ocean Spray Drink Mix on sale @$2.50=$5.00
2 x Cento EVOO on sale BOGO $14.49=$14.49 for 2 BIG bottles
4 x Sunkist Soda on sale @$2.50=$10.00
1 x Snapple Tea 12 Pack on sale $4.99
1 x Crab Rangoons $7.99 I love these but never buy them cuz they are expen$ive!
2 x 2lb. Shrimp on sale @$17.98=$35.96(an oxymoron of HUGE shrimp)

Coupons Used
1 x Ocean Spray $1/2=$1.00
4 x $1/1 Sunkist=$4.00
1 x Acme Buy 4 Sunkist/Get Free Snapple 12 pack=$4.99

Acme Cats Used
7 x $5=$35
9 x $1=$9

Total Coupons....$53.99

Minus Tax adujstment of $2.04=$22.40OOP

Total spent for all 3 transactions OOP=$41.81
And after I send for 2 $20 Kraft Rebates(one to my addy and one to BIL), I'll be OOP for these 3 Transactions.....2x$20=$40 $41.81-$40=$1.81
$1.81 Out of Pocket.

After Rebates....
Total OOP=$1.81
Total Savings=$277.33
Total Value of Items=$279.14
Total Percentage Saved 99.50%

AND the GRAND TOTAL for ALL the ACME Shopping for the past 2 Weeks is....
$73.86 OOP(after Rebates)
$1220.19 Saved in Coupons/Sales/Cats
$1294.05 Value of Everything I Purchased
Total Percentage Saved 94.30%

And I also received a card for .05¢ off of a gas fill-up for each of 2 of my transactions. No clue why or what stations these are good at but I have some time to check into it. These are good until Feb. of 2010.

I think I got my money's worth of Acme goodies the past 2 weeks. 8-))

I don't plan on hiking down to AcmeLand again unless a Shopportunity like this one comes up again. I won't say never again, because, just never know, do you?lol


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