Friday, August 17, 2018

Frugal Friday......the August 17th Edition

Let's take a look around and see what frugal-ness we had here at Chez Sluggy this week..........

* We closed out credit union account.  While not frugal per se, it makes our finances a bit simpler.  We moved the money to an online account via the other brick and mortar bank we use.

*  While at the bank depositing the check, we also cashed in a US Savings Bond as it had matured.  Not point in letting it sit there once it's not earning any interest!

*  Speaking of money...........

I found some more of it!  Two pennies in two different parking lots.

*  While out we hit the bread store for the month......

All this for $10.50.
2 loaves of bread, a pack of bagels, a pack of English muffins, 2 packs of Hawaiian sweet buns, a pack of dinner rolls(can use for sliders), a pack of donuts, 2 bags of stuffing, and 2 bags of spicy chips.
I would have gotten more bread and not the snacky things but at this time of year it's hard to keep bread from going moldy(I just don't have room right now to throw it into the freezer). The chips and stuffing were 2/$1....can't beat that price with a stick. lolz  The muffins were free since I spent $10+.
72.66% savings rate over paying full retail price and we are good on bread now until Sept.

*  I also went back to Weis on Wednesday before the sale week ended and bought this.........

2 more boxes of Tetley tea bags because I found 2 more $1/1 Qs so .99¢ per box and I got a rain check for the classic/reg. variety as they have been out of that all week.  Hopefully I can score some more Qs for it before the rain check expires.

2 OM Deli Fresh lunch meats, on sale for 2/$6 and I had .75¢/1 Qs that doubled to $1.50 off, so $3 off $6=$3 or $1.50 for each package.
We have been eating a lot of BLTs due to the tomatoes ripening fast and furiously here(plus we like BLTs).  I got the deli meat(smoked turkey)so we could have a little variety and have club sandwiches now and then besides the BLTs.  ;-)

 I also bought these........
9 x Snickers B2G1FREE sale=$6.00
3 x 3Musketeers B2G1FREE sale=$2.00
I had 2 x B1G1Free 3Musketeers Qs=$2.00 and 4 x .50¢/2 Snickers Qs(doubled to $1 each)=$4.00.
$8 in candy bars-$6 in Qs=$2 for all 12.  Under .17¢ per bar?  Yes, please!
Of course the 3Musketeers went right into the freezer hiding spot, the Snickers go into the family grab bag/giveaway box prized/the fridge bag waiting on Halloween for trick or treaters.  8-)))

*  We hit a Shursave Market in the adjacent town that takes printed internet coupons(and doubled to $1)because mine doesn't take them.  They had a deal on Chex cereal and I had Qs to use!

3 boxes of Chex were $1.99 when you bought 3.  My .50¢/1 Qs doubled to $1 so .99¢ per box.  Rice Chex, Raisin Bran and multi-grain Cheerios are my favorite cereals.
I also got a turkey breast on their one day sale for .99¢ lb.  I know these will be going on sale closer to Thanksgiving but I don't have any now and wanted to do a turkey meal so it got bought. lolz
I also found 2 good dairy discount sticker deals-those mozzarella blocks had $2 off stickers so where $2.69 per lb./piece and those 4 packs of Greek Yogurt were on sale 2/$3 AND had $1 off stickers on them so .50¢ each package. It's a good thing I like strawberry flavor.  ;-)

*  We continued to pick veggies from the garden and attempt to use them all..........

*  I already blogged about my Rite-Aid scores this week.......

No money spent OOP(just $21.98 in Bonus Cash)and I got back $4.25 in cash rebates for doing all this.(I was able to reload the $2 Pop-Tart rebate so could do it twice.)
And $3.40 of my WAM on all this(Hey! I actually spend MONEY at Rite-Aid this week!).

That's about it for us this week.
And remember, in the words of the Most Frugal Man on the Planet.......

What frugal wins did you have this week?



  1. You know when we go on vacation I am going to race you to every penny. I found money every day last time I was out there. We could do an on your mark get set go! Then we could fight over you has the penny and roll around our husbands could call out girl fight......

  2. I do those turkey breasts in a large oval CP, come out great, no need to heat up the house, save some energy in the process

  3. You hit some amazingly good deals! I can only buy one loaf of bread at a time since the freezer has not been replaced. But, I never keep it in the kitchen because it is very hot in there, at least for bread. So, I keep it nearer to ac in another room.

  4. Looks like a good and frugal week, SLuggy. You should send me those butterfingers so I can make sure they are not poisonous for you. hehehe

  5. as we have no pennies here in Canada, it's something we never see!! Well done on your deals this week.

  6. Found almost $1 of change on the ground next to a parking meter while walking around where I work downtown. No one around to claim it so I scooped it up.

    Continuing to use my salary to over pay the mortgage and it will be gone in a little over 5 years! It's our only debt but will be relieved to have it gone.

    Jen G

  7. Great deals this week! I'm almost jealous....but enjoyed reading about your deals

  8. Does frugal count when I eat what I have and do just a little shopping?


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