Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Weis and more Rite-Aid This Week

Well I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets last Friday as I withdrew the December food money last Friday.  Weis seems to be running 1 Day Specials lately and I didn't want to miss out on a few of them last Friday.  They had Helluva Cheese blocks 50% off so $1.50 for an 8 oz. chunk, good price here.  They also had a lb. bag of breaded flounder for $5, another good price for those nights I need a quick dinner for Hubs and I.  I also got a bag of salad mix 50% off and a box of croissants for College Boy to take back to school for 50% off.  I also got CB 5 12-packs of his favorite soda for $1.99 each(you had to buy 5 for the deal).
Hubs needed coffee filters(NOT ON SALE-EGADS!) and a bag of chips(on sale $1.77)and I had forgotten to get vanilla ice cream for the apple pie we had on Thanksgiving(Heaven forbid!!)so we found some Edy's on sale to finish the pie.
Oh, I also found a lovely london broil on sale that day only for $3.48lb. which ended up costing $5.08.  Hubs and I should get 2 meals out of that.

All in I spent $36.38 OOP.
This family gets expensive needing filters not on sale and non-essentials like ice cream, soda and chips. ;-)

Then I went to Weis again on Monday the 30th as the coupon on tomatoes I wanted to use was expiring that day.

Furmano's tomtoes were .67¢ each so I got 3 and used a $1/3 Q, making them .34¢ a can.
The half n' half was $1 per pint, $2 total for 2.(I plan to make quiche.)
The Daisy sour cream was on sale $1.99 and I have a .50¢/1Q that doubled, making this item .99¢.
The Grands! whack biscuits were an unexpected clearance find(Corn variety discountinued-$1.14 each).  I think I have a SavingStar rebate for .75¢/3 which should apply to this making them .89¢ per can.
An also unexpected find were 2 seasoned "cook in the bag" whole chickens for .98¢lb. I had already put one in the freezer when I finally got around to taking this photo so I only have the one I am cooking tonight to show.

This lot after deals/Qs set me back $16.92. That's just over a 50% savings rate over regular retail on this group.

I am up to $53.30 spent in December on the food budget and it's only the 2nd. meh.

And then I went back to Rite-Aid this morning for more freebies..........

I found a clearance HE hair conditioner marked down to $1.49 and I had a $2/1 Herbal Essence item Catalina Q so that was a .51¢ moneymaker.

The freebies for the Wed-Sat. Sale this week are the flavored seltzer water bottles-buy 3/$2 get $2 back in points(limit of 2 deals per card or 6 bottles)and select reg. candy bars-buy 3/$2 get $2 back in points(limit of 2 deals per card or 6 bars).  They give back as much in Plenti points as they cost so free if you roll your points(outside of the tax if any).

This lot was $7.70(with .21¢ tax on the conditioner)and I earned $8 in new Plenti points.

Then I rinsed and repeated and bought the same candy bars and seltzer bottles on my son's card.
That lot was $8.24(don't know why there was .24¢ tax on this as food is NOT taxed in PA and we don't have a bottle deposit either!)and I earned $8 in new Plenti points.

I also bought 2 more Kohl's gift cards on the card I didn't buy them on yet and earned "free" $10 in Plenti points.

The Weis ad changes tomorrow but so far the only thing I want there is maybe the Angel Soft TP-12 roll packs for $3.87.  There are $1/1 Qs on coupons dotcom right now for the 12 mega roll packs(I need to see if they apply to the size on sale at Weis still).  If these coupons are good on this size item at Weis, plus there is a SavingStar Rebate for $5 off wyb $15 Angel Soft so this could be $6.48 OOP for 4 12-roll packs after Qs and Rebate.  That's $1.62 per package of 12-rolls.  Awesome if it works!

I also need to pick up napkins at the local market this week for .99¢ per package and then I am done for the week.

I've already got next week's menu almost all planned and I don't need to buy anything for it, using items picked up this week or stuff I had already in the pantry/freezer.

So what have you gotten a good deal on this week at the stores?

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  1. I was flipping through channels late last night when I came to Two Broke Girls. Before I could click through, the brunette offered coupons to the blonde. The blonde was not for using coupons at all. But, when she saw the savings, the only thing she could think about after that was saving money with coupons, mostly getting stuff free. I thought of you.

    I cannot stand the show, but that episode was funny.


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