Monday, December 21, 2015

Rite-Aid This Week

There is one freebie this week at Rite-Aid........

On son's card I bought 4 Finesse shampoos/conditioners on sale for $2 each when you buy in groups of 2.
Each 2 bought earns you $4 back in Plenti points so free except for tax.
$8.48 spent down in points, $8 earned back in points.

Then I bought 4 Finesse products again on my card, plus a couple of other things........

4 x Finesse=$8.00
1 x JR Watkins gift set=$14.29
1 x JR Watkins hand cream BOGO50%=$4.49

I used--
1 x $5/$25 Beauty Purchase RA Q=$5.00
1 x $6/1 JR Watkins Gift Set RA FacebookQ=$6.00
1 x $4/1 JR Watkins product RA FacebookQ=$4.00
Coupon Total......$15.00

$26.78-$15.00=$11.78 + .30¢tax=$12.08 using my Plenti points.
I don't know why the tax on the first 4 bottles of Finesse was .48¢ and this transaction I was only charge .30¢??

I received $10 back in new Plenti Points(2 x $4 Finesse, $2 wyspend $15 on JRWatkins) so I spend down $2.08 in Plenti points on this transaction.  Not free but very cheap, .35¢ for each of these 6 items.
$57.60 worth of goods for nothing OOP.

Other than for prescription refills I am done with Rite-Aid until the 27th when the free detergent and shampoo starts.

What good deals have you found at the drugstores lately?



  1. I know you give a lot of your 'savings' away but a big bottle of shampoo lasts me many months! You must have a lot of storage room- I just can't stand to see the overflow. My goal for 2016 is to just have in my home things I love and what I will use soon. That goes with food too. It' just all stuff to me and I don't want it around. I counted 12 cans of tuna!!! It's all being donated and it will be cash donations from now on.

    1. Twelve cans of tuna is not much to me. I think we must all react differently to abundance.


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