Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday Shopping Deals

First off I went down to KMart for this..........

2 pair of pants and a top.
I had a Spend $30/Get $30 in SYW Points.  I also had $5.59 in SYW Points already on my loyalty card so after sale price on the top and using those Points and after earning $30 in new Points I paid $5.36.  Actually I used a KMart gift card I earned for transferring prescriptions to their pharmacy last year(or was it earlier this year?? I can't remember).  As that was free these clothes cost me nothing OOP.  I still have $24+ left on that gift card plus $30 in SYW Points on my loyalty card to spend. That $5.36 "spent" was the difference between the amount spend on Wednesday and what I earned back in points.
Got it? ;-)

The register also spit out this coupon--

So I'll be getting $10 more in points when I go back before the end of the year.

Then it was a trip to the nearby town's Shursave grocery store and I got this..........

After Qs and sale prices--
2 x Duke mayo=$3.98
2 x MM OJ=$3.00 (for CB)
2 x Philly cream cheese=$2.00
1 x 18 ct. eggs=$2.99
1 x milk=$1.68
2 x Lay's chips=$4.29 (for Xmas)
1 x Wheat Thins=$2.00 (for Xmas)
Total OOP....$19.93

We needed eggs as College Boy does eat them most mornings with a bagel or croissant(at the crack of noon).
Cream cheese is for CB's noontime bagel as is the OJ.

Then while I was in that town I hit the Weis Markets to check for markdowns............

After Qs and sale prices--
2 x whole chickens=$6.21
2 x cottage cheese=$3.98
2 x Hormel no bean chili=$2.00
1 x Edwards pie=$4.00 (for Xmas)
Total OOP....$16.19

The chickens were marked .59¢ lb!!!  These are reg. retail at Weis here of $3.49 so my savings rate was 70.92.
It was all I could do not to tackle the old lady hogging the meat case in front of the 5 chickens marked this price to get to one. lolz
Heck, if I had had the freezer space I'd have taken them all. ;-)

I shoved one into the freezer when I got home since it was still mostly frozen and I'll do something with the other fresh one this weekend....not sure what yet, maybe a simple boiled chicken dressed with sesame oil and scallions over rice with stir-fry veggies.

The chili goes into the stockpile and the cottage cheese is destined for 2 lasagnas-one to eat and one for the freezer.

Then I went back to my town to hit my Weis(PMITA)Markets where I found nothing in the meat department but there were produce and bakery markdowns..........

Not a single coupon used on this transaction.
Spend $6.80 and saved $6.85 so a 50% savings rate.

All the grocery shopping on Wednesday averaged out to a 59.86% savings rate.
Good deals!

I made a short film about this last trip--

The new sales ad at Wis starts today.  I won't be going in to check for markdowns as my freezer is about to overflowing so I have no more room for reduced meats.   Yes, I know it's a great problem to have. lolz

Next week's menu will be a lot of leftovers being used up as I have cooked a lot this week.  I just need goodies for our Christmas meal like carrots and a beef roast which I'll pick up a few days before Christmas, along with whatever deals I find when I go in to shop.

Weis has Domino sugar for $1.49 a 4lb. bag again and there are still Domino Qs online to print(and in the inserts).  I have to check on my sugar supply for making fudge as that takes a lot.  We don't go through much sugar except for fudge making and during canning season as I don't sugar my iced tea.
Crabmeat is suppose to be on sale for $5.99 an 8oz. container this week.  Crabmeat has NOT been on sale at all this past year here.  I'd love to make some crab cakes to put into the freezer or even try to make some crab soup for Christmas dinner.  We'll see.....

Weis is also running that Campbell's/Swanson/Pepperidge Farms Deal again-Spend $15/Get $5 off Instantly.  If it's still running off of reg. shelf price I can get 4 Stocks(or 5 Broths)and 1 can of soup and after $2 in Qs, after doubling(found at Campbell's Kitchen website)and $5 off Instantly pay $4 for all.
I've been using a lot of broth/stock lately making soups and stews so this might be a good thing to pick up.

Anyway......the total spend on groceries so far this week is $42.92.
We may just squeak by and stay under $350 on the food budget for December.



  1. I need to go shopping today. I mostly need toiletries. I'll really shop when DJ gets home. I'm sure we will need cheese and pop or something like that. UGH! So expensive.

  2. I need to go shopping because I haven't been at all this month except to buy fruit and lettuce.

    I hope I can find Dukes mayo and crab for the same price you did because I need to make crab cheesecake next week.

  3. I'll be over for that key lime pie....I probably could eat the whole thing myself...

  4. My son lands Sunday morning. He eats a lot, but is very careful about processed stuff, so I'll be extra loading on meat, fish, and produce. I have to plan meals this weekend.


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