Friday, December 4, 2015

Can It Be?....More Weis This Week??

New sales ad started on Thursday and I went over to Weis(PMITA)Markets since Thursday is still the day here to check for Produce, Bakery and Meat markdown stickers.
Let's just say I hit the meaty motherlode!

Here are the most exciting parts of my trip.......

Weis facial tissue was marked down to $1 per box and I had a .25¢ off WeisQ so that was .75¢.
The Tribe hummus big tubs were marked 1/2 Off so $2.99 for that.
I wanted to see if the $1/1 Angel Soft coupons dotcom would work on the Angel Soft packs for $3.87 this week at Weis.  It did so I got that TP for $2.87 and it counts toward the $5 Angel Soft Rebate on SavingStar...woohoo!

Then I hit meat gold.

This variety of a local PA meat company's bacon, honey cured lower sodium, had $3 instant discount stickers on it as they are coming cose to their sell by date.
This Kunzler bacon runs $6.49 a package at our Weis but it just came on sale Thursday for $6 a package.
With those $3 off stickers it made this bacon $3 a package.
Can I get an Amen for cheap bacon?!? ;-)
I "only" bought 6 packages....yes I left a few for others.

The 2 Johnsonville Beef Brats were on sale for $3.50 this week and had $2 off stickers on them, so cost me $1.50 each for Beef Brats.
The 4 Hillshire Farms Cheddar Wurst Brats were on sale for $3 this week and also had $2 off stickers on them, so cost me $1.00 per package.

This order with other items included(and everything bought was on sale)came to $42.83 for $100.46 worth of reg. retail food.  $65.48 of that reg. retail was meat.

A 57% savings rate for all.

I went back to Weis today to get more Angel Soft toward the SS Rebate, get a Friday only Deal or two(ground beef and chicken)and to see if I could find anymore instant meat discount stickers.

And I spent another $34.55 on more groceries and saved 60%.....

I made a little video for this trip and maybe putting it up before the Friday Deals Sale ends today at Weis others can get in on them except YouTube too so long to upload this but there ya go......

I've spent more than 1/3 of my December grocery budget so far but if I can get awesome deals I am ok with it.



  1. You did hit the meat Mother Lode! Since my freezer broke, I cannot stock up as much. And, if I do buy lots of sale meat, I have to cook it and freeze it or give it to exbf.

    Exbf is one who buys the precooked and sliced chicken breast. Well, he did until he met me. He would buy bags of frozen, mixed veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and carrot mix. He would dump the veggies and chicken on a paper plate, microwave it and call it dinner. He does not cook at all. Last week, he took home three cooked chickens missing the breasts.

    1. I know there is a market for the convenience foods(heck, I buy them now and again even lol)but to rely on these things all the time is insane. It would be much cheaper in the long run, if Exbf has the time, to learn to prepare some things from scratch.
      Unless he is one of the "untrainable" men, like my father was. lolz

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne. It's like an adrenalin rush high when you find these sort of buys in the grocery store for me. Yes, I lead such an exciting life......! ;-)

  3. Well done again. I'm sure your son's will be craving that meat when they get home for the holidays. I am figuring out how to keep my son and daughter both well fed, with very different meal preferences. I included your Dec give away at the .of my post in shiny blue text!

    1. SAM, thanks for the giveaway mention, now be sure and leave a comment on the giveaway post so you get credit for the entry. Don't rely on foggy brained old me to remember there is a comment on this post for the giveaway. lolz

  4. Great deals! Thought of you up here in CT, as I came across 2 huge tubs of 73% ground beef on marked down. It now fills my freezer


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