Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Little More Rite-Aid

Getting some more gift cards today 2 Kohl's on son's wellness card and the rest on my card.  I had to go to the R-A downtown as my store was out of the Subway cards.

Earned $52 in Plenti Points(4 x $10 each Kohl's, $6 Subway, $6 Red Robin)on spending out of the Eating-Out and Clothing budget categories for 2016.

Then on son's card I got some TP and a bottle of shampoo to finish off earning $4 in points(the poo cost $4.15 so it's a .15¢ bottle of poo)......

After sale, coupons and Plenti points earned back each pack of TP "cost" .99¢.
I may have to go back Saturday and use my card to get 2 more packs at that price! ;-)

Then on my card I bought the free after points earned KickStart drinks and 5 Hr. Energy shots.......

$12 in points spent, $12 in points earned.
I need to regroup after this week is done to see where my Plenti points are with both cards as I have no clue right at this moment where things stand with that.  I've got something like $70 in points, I think?

And that's all I got today.
I've got to go work on some Salvation Army donations for Hubs to drop off tomorrow.
I have neglected taking things in to donate for a good part of the year and now it's crunch time to get this in under 2015 as December is about half over....yikes!

And I still need to start making tonight's dinner too.



  1. Sluggy,
    Do you do rebates with the Mobisave app? There is a .75 rebate for the Kickstart. The $ gets deposited straight to your paypal account easy peasy!

    1. Hi Mimi,
      Yes, I saw that but I don't have a smartphone and they don't support desktop platforms yet. But thanks for mentioning it! 8-)


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