Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Last Minute Rite-Aid Trip

Hubs said he needed some medicated shampoo so we went up to Rite-Aid late Saturday and I worked that item into my transaction.
Saturday was the Friends and Family 30% off Day(30% off or sale price applied, whichever was less).  While this was a good thing, it also tripped me up for a moment.

I did the Spend $30/Get $10 in Points P&G Deal(included 6 bottles of Pantene 'Poo, 4 rolls of Bounty Basic, 4 bottles of Dawn dish soap and 2 boxes of Puffs facial tissue), got his 'Poo, bought a bottle of Men's Dove 'Poo and also bought 2 large boxes of R-A brand Q-Tips(College Boy is a Q-Tip addict).

Total before Qs was $44.01 + .95¢ in tax=$44.96

I bought enough shampoo that I could use the $5/$25 Beauty purchase RA Q(from the Beauty Mag in store) and I had these other coupons--
*2 x $5/3 bottles of Pantene ManQ
*4 x .30¢/1 Dawn IPQ
*4 x .50¢/1 Bounty single roll IPQ
*2 x .35¢/1 Puff tissue IPQ
*1 x $2/1 Dove men's 'Poo CatalinaQ

Qs came to $20.90 plus another $2.25 in Load2Card Qs came off(a $2/1 Dove and a .25¢/1 for either Dawn or Puffs?) so $23.15 off.


I put $1.94 of the OOP on my free R-A gift card so $19.87 spending down my Plenti Points.
I received $10 back in new Points(for spending $30 on P&G items), so $9.87 OOP after the new points were added to this card.

I also have a $2/1 Dove shampoo SavingStar Rebate that I earned so after that comes in I am "out" $7.87 for all these items.

I didn't get the P&G Plenti Points because the 30% made my total under $30 so I had to buy 3 x .99¢ items in a second transaction to reach the $30 threshold.

The Pantene which should have been $4 each on sale but with the 30% Day Coupon was only $3.49 after discount, so I was a bit short of $30 spent to get the $10 P&G Plenti points.

I had to go back in and get 2 more Dawn and another Puffs(as that is what I had more coupons for)and I paid on a free gift card for those.....

Even so, $9.87 spend down of my Plenti Points for all that isn't bad, is it?
Especially when you figure the medicated 'Poo and RA brand Q-Tips came to $9.54 + tax alone.  That means everything else was basically free?

The Dove men's 'Poo was $3.63 after 30% discount, I had a $2/1 CatQ AND then  noticed afterwards that a Load2Card for $2 off also came off during the first transaction, so it turned into a .37¢ moneymaker.  And once I get the $2 SavingStar Rebate Rite-Aid will have paid me $2.37 to buy that bottle.  8-)

Another "Bonus" during these transactions is that all those Pantene bottles had bonus product samples attached too.

I am now waiting for Hubs to bring home a Sunday paper to see if we got a particular coupon or two that was suppose to be in this week's inserts or not.
If we did, I'll be going back up to Rite-Aid today for some more inexpensive hair products.

Did you get anything cheap or free at Rite-Aid this past week?



  1. I am trying to remember if I have ever been to Rite-Aid. I can't remember when last. I tend to go to pharmacies for Rx and when I am in desperate need some some sort of medicinals.


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