Saturday, December 26, 2015

Well I Blew It! Oh Well......HoHoHo

Right after I published the post earlier this week about how I am such a careful shopper and spend so little on our food budget, wouldn't you know....I went out and let the Siren Song of Christmas lead me into temptation and overspending.

Yes, bought a few things and then a few more........

It started with this---

a Standing Rib Roast at $6.99 lb.
Then a Cheesecake.
At least that was 50% off-$7.49.

Then while I was at it, I bought a port wine cheese ball for Xmas appetizers to go with the crackers I already have.

And while in the store they announced that all Christmas candy/confections were 50% off.
Some York Peppermint Patties, miniature Reese's cups and dark chocolate covered cherries jumped into my shopping cart.

And then marked down to .99¢ lb.spiral hams, even though I don't really eat ham anymore, well one of those landed in my cart too, to shove into the freezer for Easter dinner in 2016.

I have just finished doing the numbers and I am now at $403.67 spent for December foodstuffs.
Over for December by $53.67.

Not too bad really but I had so wanted to stay on budget at $350 this month.....sigh.
Oh well.
Life happens and none of us is perfect.
But I'd much rather grab a deal(like that ham)now to avoid paying full price in March.

I am still at less food spending in 2015 than in the last two years since I've kept track of this sort of thing so no worries.
And that Christmas prime rib dinner tasted oh so good! 8-)



  1. It is rather tempting at Christmas with all the bloody goodies the stores have out. I am on track but we have another grocery 1.49 day on Tuesday, will TRY to stay on budget.

  2. Hey, if that is the worst you did this year then everything is OK. I would say I blew the December budget, but we ate out of the pantry for the first 3 weeks, so this last week of excessive grocery buying has not hurt the bottom line but still I am kind of horrified we can spend so much in one week.

  3. Since you are so frugal, I don't this is so bad. It is appalling all that candy jumped in the cart. It took all the juice in my electric cart to escape from that aisle today.

  4. Funny because I had prime rib twice for Christmas! My recipe but I didn't have to buy it for either meal. I also made a cheesecake and cheese ball too LOL- from scratch though. My specialty is cheesecake but these days I only bake one for special occasions- not a sliver was left over either! I just spent an hour cleaning out my pantry YAY! 2016 is going to be a fresh start for me- I got rid of anything processed like Uncle Ben's rice, cake mixes or any boxed broth. I'm delivering it today to the church food pantry feeling bit guilty since I hate to donate food I won't eat myself. Yesterday I made a big pot of dried beans with no meat- just onion and celery and it was good- really! I'll still use canned vegetables but I'm going to try to use fresh/frozen more and I don't make my own pasta or crackers.

  5. Every time, I say we are frugal, I do something like this. You know buy a car or something on a whim!

  6. I bet that prime rib roast was scrumptious. I would have loved to have that however our store ran out of them within one hour of putting them out. Happy New Year to you and your family. I have always enjoyed your blog.


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