Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is It Me?

I have been receiving Christmas(and in one instance a New Year's Card)here at Chez Sluggy in drips and drabs every couple of days.
Today things ramped up and I got FOUR CARDS in the daily mail....woohoo!

But upon looking at the envelopes it makes me wonder whether I need to rethink who my friends are!

Ok, I am joking here, but seriously three of the four envelopes were odd or just down right wrong.

I have blacked out some identifying info on the envelopes but not my first "real name" as most readers probably know that it's Denise by now.

#1----This envelope contains a card from someone I have known for over 16 years.

Addressed to Denise Brown.
Ummmm, that is not my last name.

#2----This envelope is from someone we've known since college.   While the sender gets MY name correct they got Hubs name wrong.

Hubs first name is not David.  Neither is his middle name.

#3---And this one, while not incorrect, I thought was funny.  This sender is either someone too tired to write anymore or just doesn't think they need to write the names out since we should know by now what our names are.........

D & D.
My first thought was Dungeons & Dragons?
Or is it Drunk & Disorderly?? lolz
Knowing the sender, yah, it's the second one......... ;-)

And if by any chance the three folks who send us these Christmas cards are reading(1 KNOW at least  one reads this blog), I AM JOKING, ok?!!

I love you all and love getting cards from y'all!

It's just this blog thing.
I have to use any germ of an idea to think of something to write about sometimes, no matter how lame.
THIS was the best I could come up with today(since I haven't pillage Rite-Aid since Sunday).  8-)))



  1. That is hilarious! I got one yesterday that came addressed just to my husband. Like this family did not attend our wedding. Should I take a hint?

  2. Hey we're all gettin' old and senile. At least the cards found you. There are half a dozen streets named similar to ours so our cards could be getting delivered across town for all I know. I get mail in my box for all the previous tenants that have ever lived here. If it looks important, I put it back in the mailbox with red sharpie written all over it that reads: "NO LONGER LIVES HERE!" Merry Christmas! :-)

  3. Is your postman named David :) I love the D&D idea, you can make whatever you like of it.

  4. Not sure what to think about those....

  5. Those are all funny, even funnier all coming all on the same day, I have only gotten one card so fat and you know who you are.

  6. I almost sent 10 blank cards. Addressed, stamped, but never signed. I had to open then tape shut after signing. We get 5-10 wrong last name spellings a year. Easy last name but often has an extra "e" we don't use.

  7. I havent been getting weird addresses or names but I have been getting cards returned as undeliverable, to my mother? one of my best friends? both of whom have lived at the addresses I have forever. I am pretty sure I do know the address of my childhood home!


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