Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's a Wrap!

So how is it at your house?
Do the men do their own Christmas present wrapping?
Or do they wuss out and use a gift bag?...or worse make their female partners/wives wrap their gifts for them?

Why is it that most women are much better gift wrappers?
I think I am decent at it unless I am hurrying.
Hubs has gotten better over the years at this task.  I gave him a few pointers on wrapping gifts years ago and it's helped.

But goodness, don't ask him to change up what he does.  He can not innovate or vary from his wrapping playbook.
But I'll keep him all the same. 8-)

While we're on the subject, I thought this was pretty funny.......



  1. In our house, I wrap everything except for presents from hubby and kids to me. Hubby is in charge of those. Now that 2 of the kids (ages9 and 6) are in school full time they shop the secret santa shop at school, so hubby only has to wrap what he buys me and what Benjamin (age 3) picks out for me. He could probably wrap if I want him to, but I don't like how he wraps. lol

  2. we're really boring wrappers here-we just reuse the same bags year after year!

  3. My friend, John, told me wrapping gifts came naturally for women. We had a come-to-jesus-meeting after that statement. He saw the light when I finished.

  4. Robb will make the kids wrap his presents for me. And me to wrap the ones for the kids that he's purchased...
    If he did it, it would be like how my dad wraps. In the bag it was purchased in, taped over and HERE!

  5. Was completely wrapped until my 2 year old found the tonight

  6. Lets see, oh yeah...I buy, wrap, tag and bow every gift except for whatever TheHub buys for me. If the store does not provide complimentary wrap he sticks it in a gift bag sans tissue paper

  7. As two men, we each wrap the gists we buy, but I do tend to wrap the joint gifts from both of us. I think we both wrap OK, but not great.

    Sassy bear


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