Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tuesday Shopping and No Rite-Aid!

Well I actually got College Boy out of bed at the crack of 9:30 and we went off shopping yesterday.
I know, try to contain your glee, just as College Boy tried to, at the thought of shopping with his mother.
But the child needs clothing/shoes so suck it up lollipop! ;-)

First we hit the bank(for cash)and the PO to mail off the last of the Christmas cards.
Then it was a stop at Salvation Army to make the fourth donation in the last week.

Just some of what left the building yesterday............

Moving on.......We stopped in at Gabe's.  It's a discount department store type place that they have out in Western PA that has made it to Eastern PA here.  It's a crapshoot finding anything worthwhile there but worth a lookie.  We went in looking for cheapish clothing for College Boy.

He didn't see anything he wanted to be seen wearing but I found some Playtex bras, brand new in the package, that usually go for $35 for $6.99 and THEY WERE IN MY SIZE!  I wear an industrial strength, large sized bra and NEVER find it in a store and have to order them from the manufacturer.  But not this time!!!  I bought 2 and mostly probably will go back for more if I like the way these fit.  While it's the brand I wear it's not exactly the same style I get so 2 will do for now.

          Not my bread store but this is what it looked like.

Then we hit the Bread Outlet as we were right around the corner and were out of bagels and almost out of bread.
I walk in and the shelves are practically!?
Some hot dog rolls, 3 bags of cranberry bagels and some pastries, cakes and such.  "Where is all the freaking bread?!" I asked.  Did someone back a truck up to the backdoor last night and rob you?
The clerk said, "Well we don't get a delivery on Tuesday."
To which I replied, "Yeah, but did everyone in town have a bread emergency on Monday and clean you out?!?" lolz
It was so freaking weird not a loaf in sight...........

So we hit Panera down the street since it's Bagel Tuesday and a baker's dozen is only $6.99 instead of $9.99 on Tuesday(plus they taste awesomer and at this price they are cheaper than the ones the grocery stores make fresh and sell around here!).  The clerk threw in a 14th bagel at no charge too.  8-)

Then it was off to the shopping center right behind Panera to Target.  I loathe to fight through the crowds at Target(especially at the holidays)but I needed walnuts to make my fudge and there was a $3 off $10 Baking needs Q in the Target ad on Sunday.

2 bags of Target brand shelled nuts after sale and coupon for $10.66.  Actually I used my free Target gift card I got from my c/c points to pay so Zero OOP for this.

Then we hit Kohl's since I had $16 in free credit to spend there($10 Yes2Rewards reward and Anniversary $6 free card).  College Boy needed shoes, dress shoes for Symphonic Band and Winter gloves(hopeful he'll need them soon as it 55 degrees still here).

The gloves were 50% off, the dress shoes were 50% off and the sneakers were on sale for $49.99
After 20% discount card, free $ and sales I paid $68.77  out the door and got $10 in Kohl's Cash and he can go back after Christmas when all the winter stuff goes on deep discount and get another pair of gloves or a hat for free with it. 8-)

Neither of us were hungry for lunch yet when we finished up at Kohl's at 1:30pm so we just headed home.  I was shopped out for the day.

Today I need to hit Weis(PMITA)Markets for a few things, Kmart as I have a paper good for $30 in SYW Points when I spend $30 and then the Shursave market that takes IPQs(the one in my town doesn't, the fuckers)so I can get a deal or two using my Qs that I can't get at my Shursave market.

Then I just need to get to the mall(ACK!!!)to spend my free $10 at Penneys and to Bath & BodyWorks to maybe get some cheap soap.
I love how they lure you into the stores this time of year with little freebie offers because they know if they can get you to step foot in the place you'll probably spend money there too.
Resist the urge!  Just go get your free stuff and LEAVE!! lolz

There is 1 more giftie to pick up for Hubs and then you can stick a fork in me, as I am DONE with this holiday shopping shit!(Not counting Rite-Aid of course.)

So what freebies/coupons for freebies did the stores send you this season?



  1. I always say, suck it up buttercup. Bahahaha.

  2. No freebies here..Canadian stores don't seem to do that. The only good deal day I had was $1.49 day at my grocery store and the deals were not quite as good as last month but stocked up on dirt cheap noodles (normally $3 on sale, my favorite kind) and herb tea. We do have a bath and body works but it is 1.5 hrs away by car, not worth the trip.

  3. Great deal on the bras. I wear super size too and would be thrilled at that price.


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