Monday, December 28, 2015

This Week on the Dining Table

It's the "Can You Believe This Weather?!?" Edition--

We went to Virginia yesterday(though CB stayed home as his band has a gig in PA for NYE).  The temp while driving through Delaware hit what is in the photo above.  Once we got to Maryland further South we hit 76F degrees.  Yooza!  My brother said it was a tad warmer than that at his house earlier, before we arrived after dark.
Crazy crazy weather for the end of December this year.........

Onward to the meal planning!

Here's what was planned last week.......

1. Sunday--Rigatoni w/(leftover)Meat Sauce, Salad
2. Monday--Bourbon Glazed Salmon, (leftover)Cole Slaw, Olive Oil Potatoes
3. Tuesday--Chicken and Dumplings or Pot Pie(using leftover roast chicken meat)
4. Wednesday-Leftovers(this will mean fish, stuffed shells and/or rigatoni w/sauce + a veggie)
5. Thursday--Traditional Chinese Dinner out Xmas Eve
6. Friday--Beef Roast, Mac and Cheese, Ginger Carrots, Rolls, a green Veggie TBD
7. Saturday--Leftovers or a Subway sammich or Fend for Yourself

And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--Rigatoni w/(leftover)Meat Sauce, Salad
2. Monday--Bourbon Glazed Salmon, (leftover)Cole Slaw, Olive Oil Gratin Potatoes
3. Tuesday--Pot Pie(using leftover roast chicken meat)
4. Wednesday-Assorted Leftovers
5. Thursday--Traditional Chinese Dinner out Xmas Eve
6. Friday--Beef Roast, Mac and Cheese, Ginger Carrots, Rolls, Salad
7. Saturday--I had a Roast Beef sammich and Salad

Pretty much everything planned was prepared last week.

As for my grocery spending last week...... multiple trips to the grocery stores with last minute holiday splurges put me over my $350 food budget for December by $53 and change.

Leftovers going into this week.....Meat Sauce, Stuffed Shells, partial Chicken Pot Pie, Prime Rib Roast, Baked Mac and Cheese, Rolls, Olive Oil Gratin Potatoes.  I also made up a big container of Taco Meat Filling for College Boy to munch on while we are gone.  The freezer is also packed with a pizza for one, frozen cauliflower, chili and chicken strips so he won't starve this week.

Here is this week's "food plan" for Hubs and I--

1. Sunday--Roast Chicken, Collards
2. Monday--?
3. Tuesday--?
4. Wednesday--?
5. Thursday--?
6. Friday--?
7. Saturday--Leftovers

This week will see 0 new meals cooked and 1 meal of leftovers consumed plus 5 night Eating Out.
We are traveling and in Virginia most of this week so a break from cooking for me....yay!

There will be no food shopping this week so my December food spending is in the books and I'll post my End of the Month/Yearly Update for 2015 on our food budget later this week if I can remain sober for that long.  8-)

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?
Are you making something special for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?



  1. I made a tentative meal plan for the next 30 days. It might or might not work, but at least there is a plan.

  2. I felt like I lived in the grocery store! An extra eater meant virtually no leftovers going into this week so starting fresh.

  3. On the weather front we've had a very warm winter, thus far, as well. Like crazy warm BUT today we are having a major ice storm. I live in a part of Michigan that is used to seeing several feet of snow (lake effect) and yet today there are businesses closing down all over town. THAT is not normal. Glad I had a vacation day today! It seems winter was bound and determine to come this year after all... well we did have that one big snow back in November. Maybe this is a freak storm too :)

    Enjoy the warm weather while you can!

  4. My house
    feels soggy inside from all the humidity. Plus, 74 degrees at 11:30 at night means it has been hot at night for over ten days. My utility bill will be very low.

    Of course, we did have tornadoes will fatalities. In the South we know that abnormally warm weather in the fall or even winter means tornadoes.

    Food? I have what seems a ton of chicken breasts and tenders in the freezer. I will eat it in many forms this week. Milk was 2 gals/$4, so I have milk for two weeks.

    Blackeyed peas are in the crock pot.

  5. Grandsons are spending the night so I was at WalMart this morning at 6 AM buying their goodies LOL. Not much on sale at all or much merchandise left from Christmas. I bought a pizza so we don't have to order out and some ice cream drumsticks they can totally consume since I have given up ice cream for 2016. I have chicken wings, a whole turkey, some chicken breasts, some blueberries and that's about it in the freezer. It feels GREAT to be down to almost nothing! Crazy I know but my 2 fridges are old and one of these days, one is bound to die. I'll probably make cole slaw for New Years- it is one of my favorites. Last year I did the black eyed peas and threw them out...I like legumes but not particularly those.

  6. Happy Travels!!!! We've had another blizzard so I haven't gotten out much.
    Still doing the turkey leftovers!! Need to clean out the fridge and see what's left.


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