Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weis Markets Trip

I made a quick trip to Weis this morning to get 1 more Angel Soft TP pack to finish off the $5 SavingStar Rebate.
Of course they were out of it so I got a rain check and will pick it up next week and my $1/1 Q will still be good and that will finish of that rebate.

I got a few other things and spent $18.51 OOP.
Savings rate on the receipt says 56% but that is incorrect since on the rain check I cashed in for BOGOF flounder, she deducted the price of the second bag to get the price on my receipt right.
So I actually got $47.18 worth of regular retail groceries for $18.51 and not $42.54 the receipt shows.
Actual savings rate is 60.76% which I like even better.  8-)

Again, notice that everything I buy is AT LEAST on sale.  Some are marked down as much as 50% off and most of those I also paired a coupon with them.  In addition, I stacked a storeQ with a MANUQ for the chili.

I'll be going back to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Thursday when the new ad goes live to pick up a few things.  Very little is a good deal in MHO next ad and much of the ad is advertising Holiday goodies(which many are highly priced).  Mainly on Thursday I'll be checking out any meat discounts(as that is the day to find them)and get the Angel Soft if it's back in stock.  Friday they are having another Friday Only Deals Sale too.



  1. Long ago, it got to the point that everything on my shelves was bought on sale or with a coupon or both. The last Kraft deal was not great but cheaper than full price.

    I wonder if Weis has an equivalent here.

  2. I'm a few pennies away from earning more on Saving Star. More Munchos here I come!!


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