Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Giving Opportunity Courtesy of Rite-Aid

I am stoked because I just saw an opportunity coming the week after Christmas at Rite-Aid to get a boat load of goodies for free to give to my local food bank!
I am posting this scenario in case anyone else out there feels like doing this Deal for their community or if you know someone who can use some free shampoo and detergent.

The December 27th-January 2nd Sales Ad has a double dipping Deal on some P&G items.
You can see scans of that ad at I Heart Rite-Aid .

If you spend $30 on items tagged as "2016 Starting Points" items in a single transaction you'll receive $10 in Plenti Points.
R-A is also running a Spend $30/Get $10 in Plenti Points Deal on some P&G items that week which means buy $30 of these P&G items and you'll get $20 in Plenti Points back.

You can do each of these Deals on each Wellness card 2 times.

With the P&G coupons coming out in the Dec. 27th inserts I can buy--

12 Pantene 'Poos=$41.88
4 Tide Detergents=$21.36

Use 4 x $5/3 Pantene Qs=$20
Use 4 x $2/1 Tide Qs=$8

$63.24-$28.00=$35.24 OOP

Use my Plenti Points instead of cash and earn back $40 in new Plenti Points.
It looks like a $4+ moneymaker until you factor in tax and the extra newspapers you'll have to purchase to get multiple coupon inserts.  These 2 factors will absorb most of the overage and make them "just free".
I can live with free. lolz

After doing this deal twice on each card,  that will be 24 bottles of Pantene and 8 jugs of Tide for the food bank.
I don't think the food bank will turn that donation down, do you?  8-)))



  1. You are so good at this! I know I have commented before, but these are the donations that are really needed because they fall through the cracks of government safety nets. I love Pantene products, but don't buy often unless a god sale-which you sure have found..

  2. taxables eat a big chunk into the household budget, wtg, Sluggy!


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