Saturday, December 5, 2015

TO-DO List.....November Update

Let's see how I did with my November To-Do List.


* Have Car Tuned FAIL--I couldn't get an appt. at the car shop until Dec. 1st, but it's done now. ;-)

* Reorder DMEs DONE--Ordered, arrived and they've bill my insurance.  They offered to send me a 90 Day supply so I consented to that so that I won't have to refill early in the new year when our high deductible resets and we are paying fully out of pocket for DMEs.  When I got the invoice it says I am now on a automatic reorder schedule they also signed me up for.....oh, hell no!lolz  I'll be calling them in January to get off of that as I order when I need stuff.

* Clean Living/Dining Rooms DONE--Well it got done "enough" to get through company coming for Thanksgiving but isn't a thorough cleaning.  When College Boy is here for school break I'll get him to help me with this when we take down the Holiday trimmings.  For now it's off the list.

* Cancel XM Radio DONE--Actually Hubs had to do this as the account was in his name.  But then again, it's on my list because I had to keep nagging at him to take care of this. lol
I am not in the car enough to justify paying for satellite radio anymore.  

* Wash Windows PARTIALLY DONE--I got 4 done and the French doors downstairs plus CB did the front storm door.  I'll save the rest of them for 2016 as this is a good January activity while CB is home.

* Get 10 Items up on eBay FAIL--Nope, I just couldn't bring myself to do this.  I don't relish the thought of dealing with eBay so close to Christmas and going away in October meant I didn't get anything listed that month, which is when I like to list for Xmas(and have all the listings close by the end of Nov.)  Perhaps I'll put some non-Xmasy items up in January when I have lots of free time?

*Sew 2 Pair of Pants DONE--I got all the cut-out pants sewn up.  Of course some of them aren't hemmed yet and the PJ ones don't have elastic in the waists as I need CB home to measure for that.

* Bike 30 Miles DONE--I set a modest goal for this and surpassed it even with half-assed effort.
38 Miles done.
Go me. 

* Gather Salvation Army Donation DONE--

* Drop of SA Donation DONE--Got it delivered before Thanksgiving.

* Gather Food Bank Donation DONE--Between grocery items I had picked up in the 2 months before November, toiletries gleaned from my stockpile, and the things bought on my November Food Monies here is what went over......

* Drop off Food Bank Donation DONE--Got this delivered before Thanksgiving too.

* Clean out Basement PARTIALLY DONE--All my inventory from my ceramic shop business is still sitting in our basement since moving here in 2000.  This includes many, MANY ceramic molds as well as unpainted bisque.  We got all the bisque out of the collapsing cardboard boxes(except for 4 boxes)and it's now sitting on wooden shelves and boards.  We also found most of my gnome collection mixed in with this business stuff and that is now reboxed and in the garage until I figure out what to do with it all.
Another surprise(a pleasant one!)we found down there is my ceramic Nativity set which I had made back in the late 1980's before I had kids.......

It disappeared shortly after we moved here in 2000 and I had given it up for lost.  When we first moved in all the stuff that we didn't have a place for yet went into the basement.  I had thought everything but the ceramic supplies and the eBay inventory had come out of there that first year in this house.  As I emptied my storage units I always hoped I'd find this set somewhere among all the eBay inventory, fabric and toiletries I had stashed in there but never did.
This just made my day!
We still have wooden pallets that need to be broken up, brought out of the basement and gotten rid of down there and a whole lot of cleaning to do with the floor so this will get done over the Winter so I can cross this Job off my list.

* Hold a Giveaway DONE--It was held in November and a winner picked....

* Mail out Giveaway Box DONE--It was mailed out and received before November ended.

* Pick-up CB from School DONE--Hubs and I both went to fetch College Boy....and lots of his stuff too!

* Cook Turkey Day meal DONE--I was very organized this year and everything came out well.

* Take CB back to School DONE--I got one photo of him this time, right before left to go back.
He looks excited, doesn't he? ;-)

* Make Xmas Card List DONE--Now all I have to do is to actually WRITE THE CARDS! Can you tell this is not one of my most favorite things? lolz

* Make Xmas Gift List DONE--List was compiled over September-November and as of Nov. 30th most everything has been bought/acquired.  I have one more present to purchase and a couple of checks to write and the list and procurement are complete.

I've already got my December TO-DO List up on the side bar(pretty fast for me, right?lol)and I'm plugging away at that too.
The Basement Cleaning moves to Dec. but the Window Washing will wait until January's List.

How did you do at getting your November TO-DO List completed?



  1. I should have a To Do list, but it changes so much, that I tend to think only a day or two on what needs to get done, and when I can get it done, and allow a lot of flexibility. For instance this morning I went through all the undone things in the house and what could be done by when, and now am exhibiting incredible flexibility by sitting here pissing away time on the computer instead.

  2. I didn't have a to do list except Christmas cards and cleaning. The cleaning got done first...I dislike Christmas cards too but have lots of older Aunts and Uncles who aren't on Facebook so cards are a must. I am forcing myself this morning to write out the envelopes and later today buy the appropriate stamps (I only send to the USA once a year so don't have any on hand). The final goal is to have them done by end of weekend. But instead, I am reading blogs this morning lol.

  3. Please post a pic of your found Nativity once set up. I collect them and would love to see yours.

  4. I never knew you did ceramics. My grandmother had a large shop and I grew up making slip and pouring molds. How neat. We are so much a like. Scary.


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