Saturday, December 19, 2015

Atrocities at Christmas Time

Traipsing about the internets you can find very interesting things.

Take gift wrap.

Not that I am going to go out and buy any of this because A-I still have a stockpile of it from years gone by and B-the prices some of these are going for!?!?.

But still it's interesting to look and better yet it's free.  ;-)

I know someone how'd adore this one(and you know who you are out there!lol).......
Grumpy Cat wrap says "Humbug!".

And for all my friends and relatives(and again, y'all know who you are too!lolz)who love to drink..........

Booze bottles, candy canes and Santa vomiting out "Merry Xmas" and "Noel".

For the comic book monster fan..........

For the Dinosaur fan......

For Sonya Ann......lolz.......

Funny food themed wrap.............

And for the Art Lover in your life.........

There were many more and many of these others are XXX and I'd prefer not to post them here. ;-)

And speaking of things that make you want to shove hot steel rods into your ears, here are some novelty Christmas songs that if I never hear them again, it will be too soon.

This one gets lots of play on the local station some years, not so much this year though........

An obnoxious tune from the 1950's.....

And here's a favorite around these parts.  This group is out of Michigan but the redneck culture it alludes to is universal.........

And I sure heard this enough when my kids were little to last a

So tell me, what Holiday songs drive you over the edge?



  1. au contraire - the wrapping is fabulous !

  2. I don't buy new wrap ever except at the thrift store. Last year I bought an unopened wrap for .25 after Christmas. This year I bought high end wrap - only a little bit used for .25 cents. I will keep an eye out after Christmas for a bit more as my stash is getting low. I also recycle all gift bags and bows - that way I spend almost nothing on the wrap and save the money for the gifts. But - if I was buying I love that wrap you picked out for Sonya Ann. I have hardly heard any carols this year, not sure why - Santa got run over by a reindeer drives me bananas mostly because that guy is a child molester who sings it (*most in north america don't know that)

    1. Would you care to elaborate on this child molesting claim? I googled the man who sang it(first name is Elmo)and all I found was that the man who voiced Elmo from Sesame Street was accused of child molestation). Perhaps you have your Elmos confused?

    2. Wrong song! Six white boomers - is an Australian embarrasment

    3. Thanks for clearing that up Cheapchick!

  3. Makes me twitch to spend money on expensive paper that is going to get torn and tossed.

    My least favourite, over played songs would be the barking dogs for Jingle Bells, Grandma got run over by a Reindeer, and anyone who butchers one of my favourite hymns O Holy Night.

  4. Santa Baby-particularly the Madonna version makes me want to keep ear muffs on in hell. There is some pretty funny wrapping, but yep, atrociously expensive. Mine is either last years after Christmas clearance clearance, or dollar store.

  5. I like to look at wrapping paper but not buying it. A quarter is the price I pay for gift wrap.

    "Christmas Shoes" is disgusting! There is one about a truck driver that makes me crazy, too. A convicted child molester? I will have to rethink that song. And, I love the hippopotamus song so much that I sing along with it.

  6. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer drives me nuts. The fact that they guy who sings it is a child molester (unknown to me until right now) is just the nail in the coffin. I also do not like The Little Drummer Boy but that is probably from childhood trauma of wetting my drummer boy pants right before singing it

  7. Wrapping paper should only be bought on clearance, there are a couple of those I would buy. I LOVE fruitcake.

  8. I am sitting here with my grandson on my lap listening to I want a Hippo whatever for Christmas. I have listened to it 9 times now. Great times thanks Sluggy.


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