Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Weather is Odd This Summer

Gosh it has been raining here almost non-stop since late June.
I do believe we had 4 days without rain in July!
So far in August maybe 1 day?  Wednesday it's suppose to clear finally.....before raining again on Thursday. lolz

Of course all this rain means all the rivers/streams/creeks around here are overflowing their banks such that, this area made the national news yesterday

All the towns and counties around us seem to be flooding out or having flash flooding.  One town in the county South of here has been hit three times since Spring with flash floods.  Surprisingly the only river that hasn't overflowed into banks is the Susquehanna, which is the one river that is the usual suspect around here, flooding the valley and the large city to our North.
We are fine in my teeny tiny town(except maybe over by the trailer park here).  If my town ever floods out you'd ALL better start building an ark because we are located on a mountain! lolz

The plants are loving the rain since we had a very dry May and June.
Speaking of plants, this is the view out my living room windows........

The front of the house gets full sun most of the day and the tomato plants we planted at the back of the front flower bed are as tall as me now(not that that's very tall lol).

We harvested a nice load on Sunday out in the garden........

This lot was 16.35 lbs.
In all we've harvested 58.67 lbs. of veggies this Summer.

The back garden bed is starting to wind down a bit now(except for tomatoes).  We've had deer visitors recently.........

The morning glory vines have been munched on at the three foot or higher level......

Plenty of morning glories left for both the wildlife and us.

And over on the shady side of the yard where the pine trees are are these.........

Lots and lots of toadstools........

The whole side of the house is covered with fungi.  Hubs even saw a squirrel when he was out there working on something eating a mushroom.
I did not know that squirrels ate them.
But evidently, after watching lots of Youtube vids, they do..........



  1. That is just so foreign to me - I can't even remember the last time we had rain. It has been horribly hot and all the wildfires are making the air so you can barely go outside. So glad you aren't near flood areas - feel free to send some of that rain out here to California!!!

  2. That is a lot of rain. We have not had much rain at all here. Took the kids walking yesterday and the Kokosing River is very, very low-- the lowest I have seen it since we moved out here 8 years ago.

  3. Send some o that rain here please, but no rain when we come. I swear the minute my phone works I will call you.

  4. I can't tell you how many times I've put the patio cushions on the back patio furniture to turn around 5 min. later and take them all inside! Rain rain and more rain! We've had some flooding as well. Had a good laugh imagining you watching youtube squirrel/toadstool videos!!

  5. A couple of weeks ago, a friend posted some video of Knoebel's all flooded. It was terrible! We haven't had an actual rainy day in a while where I am. We get afternoon hit or miss t-storms almost daily. We're lucky if we get a half an hour of rain to fill our water barrels. You have a great little bounty of veggies there. How nice of you to share your morning glories with the deer. :-)


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