Thursday, June 25, 2009

KFC FREE CHICKEN Throwback Can You Smell the Fowl?

So after I sent the CLEANSEFEST/EXTREME HUNGER Post, the mail arrived.
And just to prove that the gods are up there laughing at me, here is what arrived.

Can you see the return address??

Ok, here is what was inside.....

Remember all those bazillion Free Chicken Coupons everyone in North America printed out and tried to use on the same day a few months back, forcing KFC to run out of chicken?

Actually it's FOUR of them.

Taunting my non-eating body with Free juicy chicken........oy, the pain!
At least the coupons can't be used until July 20th through August 3rd, so I should be able to use one or two as I'll be eating by then.

Did you get your FREE KFC Coupon yet?


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