Thursday, June 18, 2009

How I spent my Week when I wasn't doing a Mountain of Laundry

Monday 2 of my 3 kids drove off for job training. It's been crazy quiet here with only 1 sullen, moody, uncommunicative teenager at home this week. I am loving the peace(NO FIGHTING!) but I miss having them all home. If you dare tell my kids that I'll deny I ever said it!lolol
I've been decompressing from playing hostess & having company for a week, running around getting deals and doing errands, finishing up the kids school stuff, still dealing with a sick puppy(she's doing better as of yesterday finally!!), trying to get the house back in order, catching up on the blog here and hacking away at a MOUNTAIN of laundry the kids left behind for me....UGH! At least they aren't here to make MORE laundry, right?lolol

This weekend we take #2 son to camp and pick up daughter from her training week. I then get 2 whole weeks with no commitments or having to play chauffeur, etc. Gee, an actual Summer Break for me! Woohoo!!!
Then when #2 son returns we enter into MARCHING BAND Season. #2 has decided he wants to be in the Marching Band. They take their MB seriously around here and it's a fulltime commitment for the kids for the second half of July and all of August to go to Band Camp. There is a mini Band Camp next week that #2 is going to miss because we signed up for summer camp last July and I wasn't about to NOT send him after I'd paid for it a yr. ahead.

Marching from 7am-8pm(with 2 breaks for meals)with instruments in the blazing sun in August.....
We'll see how long it takes for #2 to decide he really doesn't want to do this anymore.lolol

I mentioned earlier in the week that the WEIS/Mr. Z's Grocery Chain had a nice little Catalina Deal on Gillette Men's Products....specifically the Shampoo, Body Wash, Shaving Gel and Fusion Razors. I posted about the 'Poo and B-Wash deal Here.

To recap, when you bought a Gillette Shampoo and a Gillette Body Wash you received $5 off your bill Instantly. The 'Poo & Wash were on sale for $3.49 ea., so if you had the $1/1 Coupons for both items, your cost after discounts, sale & coupons was just tax.

There was also another Gillette deal I soon found out. When you bought a Gillette Hydra Shaving Gel, on sale for $2.49 & a Gillette Fusion Razor, on sale for $8.49, you received another $5 instant savings on your bill. Pair this deal with the Shave Gel $1/1 coupons & the $4/1 Fusion Razor coupon, your cost after discounts, sale & coupons was $.98 plus tax.
Not free but a pretty good deal if you need razors and shaving gel, right?

So, I hiked up to the grocery store during last weekend, after the SIL left for home and bought some sets of the 'Poo and B-Wash and 1 set of the Razor/Shaving Gel combo.
I still can't figure it out but the sets of 'Poo & B-Wash cost me .10¢ per pair and the 1 Razor/Gel combo cost me .90¢ out of pocket. Now the razor/gel combo should have cost me at least $1.something with the tax, but my receipt read .90¢ for those two items.....go figure.

I traded for some more 'Poo & B-Wash Qs and went back to use up my few Razor & Gel Qs while waiting for the new Qs to come in the mail. Back at the grocery store, there were no more Razors on the shelf but I spied some Bonus Pack Razors in boxes(not hanging with the other Razors that were marked as part of the Bonus $5 off deal). I had the CS guy price check those Razors and they gave the $5 off bonus too.
Niiiiiice! Razors with bonus gel/'poo/wash in the boxes. Better than just a stinkin' razor alone. ;-)
The traded Qs arrived mid-week and I spent Wed.(the last day of the sales flyer ad) hitting up 3 different Weis stores that were on the way while running my errands.
Here is what I ended up with.....Men's Toiletries as far as the eyes can

Because it's taxable stuff, not exactly free.
I spent OOP $9.85, $6.29 of that was tax, for 84 items.
That comes out to .12¢ per item.
The value was $360.06 using the reg. retail prices.
A savings of over 97%!

But wait! gets better.
Weis, as well as other grocery stores, are running a P&G Promotion where when you spend $35 in 1 transaction, you can mail away for a $10 Gift Check to use at the store you bought your $35 worth of products at.
By buying all this Gillette stuff in transactions of at least $35 before all the discounts, I now have lots of receipts to submit for Gift Checks. I'll have them sent to all our extended family members and let them know it's an early Christmas present from us! ;-)

But wait!......there's more.
In one of the stores I found a tearpad with these coupons.

You can buy a Gillette product and submit for another one like it FREE! As I had a few receipts where I didn't spent $35 or more, I have some receipts to submit for our family and some men relatives in our extended family to get a Free Gillette Grooming Product.
I figure I can supply another $70 or so of Gillette to our extended family for just the cost of some stamps & envelopes.

Not a bad return on my initial $9.85 expenditure!

And what's more, this Gillette/Weis $5 Cat Deal doesn't expire for another week!
I noticed on the shelf tag that this Instant $5 off goes until June 24th.

I just adore when you can take a purchase and get multiple benefits & deals from it.

I am just about up-to-date now so I'll shut my gob for awhile & free up some oxygen in the room for all of ya'll. ;-))



  1. O-M-G!!! Okay, you ARE the queen!!!! :) I confess I was so lazy I never made it to Weis to do even one round of these last week (and I had the coupons). But you say the deal goes on again this week? Hmmmmm! Maybe I'll be able to drag my arse there this time around - LOL!

  2. Yes Pretty!
    The shelf tag said good until the end of this current sales week, which ends wed. the 24th. Now I don't know if the sale prices are still good this week tho, as I haven't been back into a Weis since last wed. So check that out before you go use all your qs.

  3. YAY!!! Thanks to your post about it here, I swung over to Weis after work and nabbed this deal after all (sale prices still in effect). I came home with the 2 Gillette products, a huge red bell pepper, a huge green bell pepper, a bunch of bananas and a 20-oz diet coke all for OOP of $2.51. including tax. Love trips like that. Thanks again!!!!!!

  4. That's great Pretty! Glad I could help and that the sale prices are still in effect.
    I might have to get some more Qs now.....uh oh!lolol

  5. I already did - I'm on a roll thanks to you! LOL! I have another question about this, if you don't mind. You mention that Weis is offering a P&G promotion if more than $35 of product is purchased. Where did you get the form(s) to submit with your $35 of receipts? Do I need to visit the cust svc desk at the store for this?

    Thank you again!!!

  6. Pretty--go to the weis website scroll down a bit until you see a circle left of center on the page with "purchase $35 of any P&G products...." & click on it. That should take you to the printable pdf form. I also found this form on a tearpad in one of the Weis the diaper aisle. You could ask about it at the customer service desk but hurry! The purchases have to be made by June 30th & postmarked by July 17th.
    You don't have to submit UPCs with the form, just write them down on the form and submit your receipt. A piece of cake!lol

  7. Excellent - thank you again VERY much!!!!!!!

  8. FYI - my coupons came yesterday and I happened to be going in the right direction, so I did my Weis trip. I got 5 of each Gillette product, used 10 coupons, paid 60-cents in tax. The clerk was counting things and looking at the register very dubiously, but it all worked. I loved it when she handed me the register tape and said, "You saved $39 today" - wheee! I've printed out the rebate form and copied over the UPCs and will mail off for the rebate today. Thank you again! We will be such a clean family (and with extra money to boot!). LOL!


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