Saturday, June 27, 2009

CVS Shopping June 21-27 Week Soy Joy & Always

Daughter & I made various stops at assorted CVS stores this week. I think we hit 8 stores in our travels during the week so we didn't wipe out any one store of Infinity pads. We did take the last 2 boxes at one store tho.... 2 stores were already wiped out of them before we got there.
We have TONS of CVS stores around here....I never realized until this week just how many!lol
For brevity's sake, here are the totals only. We had a card each so it's all combined for both cards.
I had 20 BOGO Qs for all the Soy Joy Bars, so 10 of them were free and didn't use any ECBs.
Also had $4/1 Infinity Qs and $1/1 ThermaCare Qs for the Heat Pads that gave ECBs. Everything else purchased beyond these things was filler so we could use ECBs instead of cash.

40 Soy Joy Bars
4 Therma Care Wrap
9 Always Infinity Boxes
**Not Pictured**
1 T-Shirt on clearance $1.49
1 Arizona Iced Tea $.99
1 Stride Gum 3 pack on sale $2.00
1 Cayenne Pepper clearance $.99

Total Spent OOP...$3.46
Total Coupons Used...$60.00
Value of Items bought...$169.63(reg. prices)
Savings of......98%
ECBS Used...$36.40
ECBs Received...$49.96

So I was able to roll most of the ECBs I had and I don't have to worry about darkening the door of a CVS until July 18th or


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