Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh my! This can't be! My Confession.

Ok I am back and avoiding working on the pile still left on the dining room table.
I am soooo good at avoiding doing what I don't want to do.lolol

I have a confession to make.

The menu I came up with this week is all foodstuffs I have in the house. Meaning I did NOT have to go into a grocery store this week to buy ANYTHING for this week's meals!

Great huh?

I have been exactly 2 places this week:

Walgreen's to roll some Register Rewards & Rite-Aid to pick up #1 son's prescription. We were almost out of milk the day I picked up the prescription so I bought milk at Rite-Aid. I know, it's too high there compared to the grocery store but I paid it so I didn't have to go into the grocery store.

I've spent $1.79 on groceries this week(that jug of milk).
For me, that is awesome!

But even so, there is a dark side lurking and I must confess it.

My confession is this.......not going to the grocery store is driving me nuts!!!!!!!

I am obssessing about grocery shopping.

I can't stop thinking about going to buy groceries.

Something is seriously wrong with me folks.

Hi, I'm Sluggy.....and I am a grocery-aholic.

I haven't printed any coupons.

I only bought 1 newspaper last week because the actual Qs in it were lame and very few to boot.

I am JONESING about shopping for spaghetti sauce and pasta and bread and squash and blueberries.....

But I don't need anything.

And I have-I just counted them-FORTY BOTTLES of BBQ SAUCE!

Unless you run a Rib Joint, who needs 40 Bottle of BBQ Sauce?


How did I get this many without even noticing?

It must be because I've been flinging bags of stuff from grocery shopping trips into the garage or onto the dining room table and NOT visually seeing it ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE!
Had I seen, let's say 20 bottles, I might have mentally made a note that we have ENOUGH already & I should Just Say No to BBQ SAUCE Now!

But I didn't....
And I haven't.

Ok, so the Catalina Deal(buy 6, Get $3 Cat)at various stores I went to helped fuel this SAUCE BUYING FRENZY but even so.....

I'll pawn some off on various relatives this weekend when they come for the graduation and I'll be doing ALOT of dishes incorporating BBQ Sauce this summer I guess.....meats, vegetables, beans....

I wonder how bbq sauce would taste on salad?lolol

Ok, I think I have succeeded in talking myself down from the ledge of a full-blown unnecessary shopping trip now.
Back to the dining room.

Sluggy-all sauced up & fed up with her shopping habits


  1. That is what we are here for, to talk you down. And hey you can never have enough bbq sauce. Just use it instead of ketchup anywhere you can stand it.

  2. You are a riot! Hey, the BBQ sauce will get used and enjoyed, no sweat :) One new crock recipe I just "learned" was a pork roast of some kind in the slow cooker with a bottle of bbq sauce, cook for about 6 hours then pull apart and enjoy.

  3. There is never a such thing as too much BBQ sauce. We go through 2-3 bottles a month in the summertime! Good thing it's cheap/free.


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