Saturday, June 13, 2009

FREE Men's Shampoo & Body Wash at Weis


If you live in the WEIS MARKETS/Mr.Z's Grocery Market Area, you need to read this post.
There is a potential freebie available to you until this Sales Ad Week ends on Wednesday night, June 17th.

Weis is running a special on these two products-GILLETTE Shampoo & GILLETTE Body Wash. Here's what they look like.
The sale price this week is $3.50 each. When you buy 1 of each & use your Weis Club Card, you will get an instant $5 OFF your bill, making them $1.00 each.
Good deal, no?

Well if you got last Sunday's newspaper insert coupons with the $1/1 Gillette Body Wash and the $1/1 Gillette Shampoo Coupons, you can use those coupons as well, and get the 'Poo and B-Wash for F-R-E-E!!
Ok, this is PA, so you will have to pay tax of .10¢ on each pair you buy.

Not quite free, but for .05¢ each, it's worth hauling your keester up to a Weis Market to get them.
Might I add that these free toiletries would make a fine centerpiece for a Father's Day Gift Basket present for the Dear Ol' Dad in your life. I'll be getting some for my Hubby Hunny and also some to send to #1 son in the fall at college.

Forgive my brief online appearance today.
The computing machine started giving me problems(see virus)yesterday so I haven't even been online between that, more relative hauling around and feeding, and getting 2 of the 3 kids ready to leave for camp on Monday. Add in a sick dog and some other drama, that I'll chat about later when things calm down here, and it's been mayhem without the merriment.

But I just had to jump on after reinstalling the OS, etc. to clue the local area readers in on this Almost FREEBIE Deal at Weis Markets.

Off to see if I can print up a KMart $5/$50 Q and hit 'the Mart' once before the day is out.


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  1. Nice! I'll have to check this out - thanks for the heads up!!


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