Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spend $120/Get $40 Unilever Kraft General Mills CAT PROMO DEAL-or 2 Weeks of Shopping Fun!

Oh, there is a Promotional Deal so good that I am going to have to take the 30 mile hike to visit my closest Shop Rite grocery store this week. Ok, it might not be that great to you, but I live in the Land of Mediocre or Nonexistent Cat Deals, so for us this is big doings.

For the next 2 weeks (June 21st-July 4th) when you spend $120 using your Club Card you can get $40 OYNO! It doesn't have to be done in one shopping trip/transaction either! The store will track your spending on the Promotional Items over the 2 weeks and print out a savings voucher on the bottom of your receipt when you hit the $40, $80 &/or $120 marks.

There are oodles of items to choose from to do this deal too. You can pick from Unilever, Kraft & General Mills products. And many of these companies brands are on sale this week(and probably next week too). If you got the Kraft Barbeque Sauce coupon in the 6/14 paper, you can get almost free(or free if your ShopRite doubles coupons)BBQ Sauce this week. Other good buys include A-1 Steak Sauce for $2.99. Use the $2 Coupon in the 6/14 insert to get this for .99¢. Also the Knorr Rice/Noodle Side Dish Packets are 4/$5. Pair these with the various denomination of coupons out there and get them for cheaper. All 3 of these items count toward the "Spend up to $120/Get up to $40 Cat Promo".

Go check out the weekly ad and deals on the ShopRite website Here and for a better list of the Items on sale & Coupon Match Ups, check out 4 Hats & Frugal Here.

I have or have coming in the mail some coupons that should make this deal even better.
Once all the coupons are here I'll take a ride to ShopRite, so check back in late this week or early next week for my Shopping Post.

For now I'm off to go grab some more Gillette for FREE(well, except for the tax) and then to begin some much needed organizing in this house!


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  1. yay free Gillette! :) No CAT deals here in our town - none of our stores apparently do that anymore... at least not that I'm aware of. Can't wait to read your Shop Rite post when you're all done!


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