Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CleanseFest......like a Fat Farm but without the Glamour

Today is the 1st day of my CleanseFest. What is CleanseFest you ask?? It's my attempt to clean out my digestive system.

Week One involves 4 Slim-Fast drinks spread throughout the day, 1 glass of Orange Juice with a Fiber supplement, some fresh fruit, some vitamin/mineral supplements, green tea & alot of water drinking.
Oh, and ALOT of running to the bathroom too!lol

It's not strictly a liquid diet regiment but it's close.

Week Two we move to the Lemon Cleanse phase. No food, just tea, water & the maple syrup/cayenne pepper lemonade stuff and my vitamin and supplements.
We'll see how long I can stand this. I am not hopeful that I'll last 2 full weeks.

Please realize that I am under the care of my doctor with this. I'll have a check-up after the 2 weeks are up.

I was inspired to do this by this article I read a year or so ago by a British journalist who was paid to go experience & report on the granddaddy of all Health/Fasting Spas in Thailand....The Spa on the Thai Island of Koh Samui. You can read the original article Here.
The journalist's photographer passed a marble he had ingested as a small child during his treatment at the spa. That was enough for me to know this kind of thing would clean you out.lol
I am not going to the extreme of coffee enemas like the Spa in Thailand does however. Nor am I paying to jet to Thailand or even buy their prepackaged "do-it-yourself" fasting/cleanse kit. This will be my version of a 'frugal cleanse'. I bought the SlimFast on sale, with coupons at KMart a couple of weeks ago. And the Lemons needed for Week Two are in season now so I won't have to spend a fortunate for fresh fruit.

The only thing that might sink me is the intense hunger pains. Ya see, I can endure most any kind of pain(can we say teeth drilling w/out novacaine or natural childbirth of not-one-drug with 1 of my offspring?), except hunger pains. These pains have been the ruin of many of my tries to reduce my food intake. I don't know....it's like I'm hyper-sensitive to them. If I can keep them at bay for the 1st 3 days, I've got a shot at lasting 2 weeks.

I am also doing this at home, where the demands of cleaning, shopping, cooking, & other work is ever present. No going to a spa where I can lounge by the pool and read or nap. Things need to get done so I can't just concentrate on 'me'. But then again, staying busy will keep me from obsessing over every ounce of anything I'm ingesting and how long to the next glass of whatever.

Day One is almost over here. I have 1 shake still to drink later tonight. I made Hubby's Spaghetti & Meatballs without drooling into his plate. I get a glass of iced tea and some cantaloupe to suck on in a few minutes. Yay!!!
Tomorrow or Thursday I am sure I'll start to have to stick close to the bathroom as my body realizes the regular food has stopped coming down the gullet.
Uh oh......
I will spare you from the grizzly pictures.lol



  1. My daughter did the Master Cleanse last year and wasn't too thrilled with the results. I don't recall exactly why, but she is arriving today and if there is something important like a warning that all your hair will fall out or you will now only be able to speak in Albanian, I will be sure to let you know!

  2. Good luck Sluggy! I would like to do something like this, so if you are successful, perhaps I too will ask for your secrets. :)

  3. LisaPie-But, but.....I've always wanted to speak Albanian! hehehe

    I bet it was the constant running to the 'loo that she didn't like.
    LMK if she has any tips ok?

    Diane-Thanks for the luck. I'm going to need it....


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