Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Weis Markets 2 Week Long GILLETTE $5 CAT PROMOTION ended yesterday, June 24th. Here is my Final Tally.
Gillette Razors-11
Gillette Hydra Gel-11
Gillette Body Wash-55
Gillette Shampoo-55
GRAND TOTAL.........132 Products

Total OOP.......$14.65, $8.37 of that was tax.
The OOP comes out to .11¢ per item.
Value of all Items.....$561.18
A Savings of 97.4%

I probably could have gotten more but I didn't jump right on this deal & I didn't get more coupons. And I didn't wipe out any store of product in a single trip, even though I had the coupons to do so. I spread the procurement out over 5 Weis Stores & over an 11 day period, so plenty of time to restock between shopping trips.

I had found some coupons I hadn't cut from the inserts yet a couple of days ago, including 2 more razor and hydra gel coupons, so I had some last minute shopping to do. I had a very hard time using those last 4 razor/gel coupons. I would find a store that had razors, but no hydra gel....then I'd find the gel in stock and no razor. I did finally find both in the same store yesterday and finished using the last 4 coupons. I didn't get any razor/gel coupons off of eBay(like I did the b-wash & 'poo Qs), first, because sellers wanted way too much for the razor Qs and second, the tax here on those razors raised my OOP more than I wanted to spend. I tried to stay away from the 'poos that had conditioner in it too becasue here, in WACKY PA, 'poo is NOT taxed but if the 'poo has conditioner in it, you DO pay tax on that!
Like I said.....WACKY.....

So how did you do on the Weis/Gillette deal?
Give us your totals/figures.
Did you get any other great deals last week at Weis? I'd love to hear!!



  1. Wow, I'm in awe (and not at all worthy)!!! I didn't get much beyond the 5 of each necessary to do the $10 for $35 rebate you had mentioned in another post. But getting $10 back for basically paying just 60-cents in tax OOP made me giddy (considering I'm a novice) - LOL! Then today I went back and got a couple A1s for free and a McCormick grillmate seasoning packet for free.

    Thank you again for your help in my success!!!

  2. I have come to the are nuts! LOL but seriously thats impressive! Now I wanna know who you are donating to!! I wish we had that store in my area

  3. Pretty-You are certainly welcomed for the help.
    I love when I can spread the word on a deal and others can get some goodies too!

    Crystal-I may be nuts, but it's a GOOD nuts.lolol
    Not sure on where all that product will end up yet....there are 3 men in the household as well as 2 extended relatives who could use free toiletries. Some may end up in my Garage Sale and/or sent to Iraq to a friend's hubby's outfit.
    We usually don't get much good cat promos at Weis, so this one was rare. The last one where we got stuff this cheap was for BC Fruit Snacks in Feb? I think it was. The deals here are few and far between with our grocery stores.
    Now myself, I wish I had a Shaw's, Publix &/or Krogers! Man, from what I see online, I could do some SERIOUS damage at those stores!LOL


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