Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Still Crazy After All These Years

Today marks me and Hubs 36th Wedding Anniversary.

We've been "together" for 41+ years, married for 36.

I can't believe I am this old sometimes!

I found these photos recently we took on one of our first vacations to Maine in 1989......

Proof that Hubs use to have Hair! lolz

Sluggy at the falls in Machias, Maine with a very unfortunate hair style.  ;-)

Here are what some things cost 36 years ago....

Dozen Eggs  .84¢
A Loaf of Bread  .50¢
Gallon of Milk  $2.24
Tomatoes  .39¢ lb.
US Postage Stamp .20¢
New Car  $7,983
New House  $82,200
Monthly Rent Avg. $320
Commodore VIC 20(home computer) $29.95
19" Color TV  $499

US President....Ronald Reagan
The Average Income in 1982.....$21,050
Unemployment Rate.....7.6%
Fed Interest Rates......11.50%
Inflation Rate USA....6.26%

News events from 1982........
* In Chicago 7 people killed by ingesting potassium cyanide laced Tylenol capsules
* EPCOT opened
* Dutch Elm disease destroyed millions of trees
* Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands
* The wreck of the "Mary Rose" flagship of King Henry VIII was raised to the surface after lying at the bottom of the Solent for 437 years.
*  AT&T was ordered to break-up their communications monopoly by the Justice Dept. due to na anti-trust lawsuit brought in 1974.
* Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album is released.

And speaking of music here are some songs from 1982.

1982 was all about disco, funk, rock and a resurgence of Girl Bands.

I was heavily into this group in 1982......

And this one..........

And this girl group........

1982 saw this classic tune.......

And another iconic song debuted that year.......

Another band that was big during this time.........

And the beginning of the Music Video Age saw some interesting tunes....

And here's a true classic..........

Here's a slightly disturbing music video...........

And a One Hit Wonder.........

And this tune that just keeps going and going and going......

This guy was John Cougar back then........

And this strange video and song became an ear worm to many........

And the top Billboard song of 1982........

And let's end with one of my all-time favs.......

Have a great day and have a drink for me today!



  1. Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary!!

  2. wow - happy anniversary and thank you for all the flash backs!! my daughter was born in 1982.

  3. Sluggy,

    Congratulations on your 36th anniversary! I hope you and Hubs have a wonderful celebratory day.

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! enjoyed the trip down memory lane :)

  5. Congrats on your wedding anniversary, and thank you for taking us down memory lane!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both! Tainted love is one of my favorite songs, although I've never seen the video before.

    1. Turns out the Tainted love video I know is done by Marilyn Manson. I finally watched this (soft cell) video & agree that it's very disturbing.

  7. Happy annivversary, Sluggy! Where does the time go? WIshing you and your hubby many, many more years of celebrating!

  8. Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the blast from the past. I used to love MTV when it played just videos. Haven't heard Safety Dance in a long time.

  9. Happy Anniversary and congratulations!! Here’s to 36 more!!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! 36 years is a terrific accomplishment. Hope all the rest of your days together are happy!

  11. Happy Anniversary!! I loved the stroll down memory lane and I still love Mellancamp!

  12. Have a wonderful anniversary! Wishing you another wonderful 36 years together.

  13. Happy anniversary my friend. Love the stroll down memory lane with music.

  14. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes!

  15. I love your anniversary post with the prices and happenings of that time! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

  16. Those are great pictures. I love the prices and wish they were that low now. I think I got that same perm.

  17. Congrats Sluggy and weren't the 80's a magical time?! Your list proves there was some great music in the 80's :)

  18. Happy 36th anniversary! Southern Cross is one of our favorite songs too!


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