Thursday, August 16, 2018

Spending Some Bonus Cash Down at Rite-Aid

This having to keep on top of three Rite-Aid cards' worth of Bonus Cash which expire after 60 days is just too much work for me right now.
So I am judiciously spending down some BC this week.
I want to get rid of all BC on one card and am aiming for about $20 in BC on each of the other cards.  If that is still too much I'll spend down another card.

So the question is.....What to buy to spend the Bonus Cash down?
The answer is either stuff we need/want and/or stuff to fill Giveaway Boxes.

So here is what I've bought this week.

On Monday I got this..........

2 x Crest toothpaste on sale $4=$8.00
I used 2 Qs-1 $2/1 Crest L2CQ and 1 $2/1 Crest ManuQ so $4 off=$4.00 paid for with BC.
I earned back $4 in new BC so these were straight up free.

Then I bought these for ex-College Boy........

4 x Pop-Tarts on sale $1.99=$7.96
I used a $2/4 Pop-Tarts IPQ(couponsdotcom)=$5.96 paid for with BC.
I earned back $2 in BC AND $2.25 back on Ibotta(.50¢ per box and .25¢ for buying any item at Rite-Aid).
So these "cost" $1.71 in BC once all that is figured in.
I also bought 2 cases of Nestle water(didn't photograph them, sorry).  On sale this week for 2/$6.  I used a $1/2 Nestle water ManuQ so $5 after Q.  It gave back $1 in BC wyb2 so the water spent down $4 in BC.
It's something we needed so I'm ok with this spend down.

It's been about a year since I bought garbage bags and the Big Win bags are double dipping this week-a monthly $3 in BC wyb2 and a weekly $1 in BC wyb2, plus they are on sale 2/$6 this week.
For every $6 you spend/2 you buy, you get back $4 BC back making them $2 a box.  8-)
I thought I was SOL at the first two Rite-Aids but I spied some garbage bags on an end caps side rack at store #2 right about when I had given up hope.

This made my shop $12 so far, and I had some Spend $X/Get $X off your order Catalina Qs that one of my R-A cashiers hooked me up with(people, being in a hurry don't wait to be handed the Catalina Q that prints often times, so the cashiers tuck all those Spend $X/Get $X Off Qs under the register drawer and give them away to deserving customers who "spend" a lot at one time, meaning it's a good thing to make friends with your cashiers.)  8-))
I had a $6 off wyspend $30 Catalina Q so I tried to get to $30.

Single serve bottles of Big Win apple juice are $1 this week, Buy 3/Get $1 BC and double dipping with a Spend $6 on select food/drinks, Get $2 BC back.
So buy 6 bottles, pay $6 in BC and earn back $4 in BC making it $2 OOP for 6 bottles.

I also got two bottles of Summer's Eve wash for $8.  I had 2 x $1.50 IPQs for it so $5 in BC and earned back $2 in new BC.

I got 4 more boxes of Pop-Tarts for ex-College Boy(4 x $1.99=$7.96)and used a $2/4 Pop-Tarts IPQ making those $5.96.

$12+$6+$8+$7.96=$33.96 gave me enough of a total to use the $6 off Cat
Coupons were $6, $2 Pop-Tarts, 2 x $1.50 Summer's Eve=$11.00 off, so $22.96 +.60¢ tax=$23.56

Paid for with BC and earned back $16 in new BC($8 BW trash bags-2 x $1 weekly/2 x $3 monthly,  $4 BW apple Juice-2 x $1 weekly/1 x $2 monthly, $2 Pop-Tarts-2 x $1 monthly, $2 Summer's Eve-1 x $2 wyb2 weekly).

Then I spied a whole box of Butterfingers that are Buy2Get1Free this week with .50¢ off stickers on them.
Let's do the math....
6 Butterfingers on B2G1Free sale(reg. $1.15 each)=$4.60
Deduct $3 in instant discount stickers=$1.60 for all 6 bars makes them just over .26¢ per bar.
Then when I bought 6 the Catalina machine spit out a $1/6 Nestle candy bars(of which Butterfingers are one kind).

So I went back, bought 6 more=$4.60-$3 in instant stickers, used the $1/6 Q so .60¢ OOP for all 6 bars.
And another Catalina Q spit out so 6 more bars, rinse and repeat until there were not 6 bars left.
In total I got 24 Butterfingers and paid $3.40 for all or .14¢+ per bar.
I used some WAM to buy all these and not BC.

We hit another Rite-Aid too and I scored more trash bags one a different card/account.  I also had a Spend $20/Get $4 off your order Catalina too.......

4 x BW trash bags on sale 2/$6=$12.00
4 x Pop-Tarts on sale $1.99=$7.96
6 x BW juice on sale $1.00=$6.00

Coupons Used
1 x $4 wys$20 Catalina=$4.00
1 x $2/4 Pop-Tarts IPQ=$2.00
Coupon Total....$6.00

$25.96-$6.00=$19.96 +.50¢ tax=$20.46 paid with BC.
I earned back $14 in new BC($4 BW juice, $2 Pop-Tarts, $8 BW bags) so spent down this card by $6.46.



  1. Butterfingers are a childhood favorite.

  2. I have noticed the big Rite-Aid/Walgreen buy is happening here. Two of the Rite-Aids I use are closing. Of course both have a Walgreen directly across the street from them so I guess I understand why.

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  4. And you are saving a butterfinger for Kim right?


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