Friday, August 10, 2018

Frugal Friday.....August 10th Edition

It's been an ultra-frugal week this past week, mostly since I was confined to my room for 3 days.
Can't spend if you can't leave your bed. lolz

Here's the few frugal wins we had this week.........

*  The $50 Target card I sent for arrived.........

I'll pair this free with credit card points gift card with a $10 off when you buy $50 Target coupon I was mailed and get free+ food at Target sometime in the next 3 weeks.

*  Harvested lots of garden veggies.....

We are in the process of using or freezing them all with more coming.

*  I haven't grocery shopped this past week.  Hubs has run out and bought....1-Taco shells for when he made tacos on Wed., 2-a watermelon because I wanted one(lolz)and 3-ice cream because we were out.  At least #2 and 3 were both on sale.  8-)

*  I received .25¢ more on Ibotta for buying that hair coloring and Cover Girl I bought at Rite-Aid last Friday so am up to $5.25 in cash rebates on it.
This all cost me $3.60 in BC and I earned $10 in new BC.

This cost me $5.92 in BC and I earned $4 in new BC AND earned $5.25 in cash rebates.
I haven't gone to Rite-Aid since last Friday.  I am sure I missed out on free Hello and Colgate toothpaste this week.

I did get this at the checkout last Friday.........

Friday(today)and Saturday there is a 30% Friends and Family Sale at Rite-Aid.  (Also valid online using the code THANKS.)
I need to go refill some meds so I might pop in today and have a poke around.

But that's it for my frugal exploits this week.

What about you?  Any good frugal-ness to report this week?



  1. Does not eating because it is too freaking hot count as frugal??? I'm making my food stretch!!!

  2. I bought so little this week!

  3. Get out of bed, I bought my tickets I have a car reserved, get ready get set, GO! We are going to have so much fun.

  4. Well I failed with the grocery shopping having planned NOT to do any this week but my daughter called that she was bringing home a guest and well, I treat guests better than myself:) so $22 was spent. BUT i did purchase a $100 gas card and two $50 grocery store gift cards with points this week so feel smug about that!


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